Islamic Law Takes Hold in Syrian Opposition

Islamic Law Takes Hold in Syrian Opposition

Portions of the Syrian opposition appear to have traded their original goal of simply toppling Bashar al-Assad and are focused instead on instituting “Islamic Law in areas that have fallen under rebel control.”

Proof of this was seen in a recent video in which a “veteran activist” named Wael Ibrahim, who remains focused on overthrowing Assad, “tossed aside a banner inscribed with the Muslim declaration of faith” and faced charges under Islamic Law for it.  As result of this, Ibrahim was punished by 10 strokes with a metal pipe.

Other evidences of this attempt to establish Islamic Law are found in the way “Islamic units are seeking to assert their authority over civilian life.” This includes “imposing Islamic codes and punishments.”

In Aleppo, a large portion of which has been under rebel control since July, Jabhat al-Nursa has been successful in establishing Hayaa al-Sharia, or Sharia Authority.

Under the Hayaa, matters as diverse as murder, marriage, kidnapping, and divorce are adjudicated. 

To be fair, many Syrians, including Wael Ibrahim, remain focused on freeing their country from Assad’s grip. These believe their “real war” starts once Assad is toppled and the battle for control between various factions within the Syrian opposition begins.