Obama Pledges $200 Million in Aid to Jordan

Obama Pledges $200 Million in Aid to Jordan

On March 22 President Obama pledged to provide $200 million to Jordan to help with the “nearly half a million refugees who have fled the civil war in neighboring Syria.”

Obama made this pledge at “a press conference with King Abdullah II in Amman.” And as he did it, he took time to explain why he believed Jordan deserves the funding: “The Jordanian people have displayed enormous generosity, but the strains of so many refuges inevitably are showing…the international community needs to step up to make sure they help shoulder the burden.”

Abdullah said the number of refuges that have fled to Jordan to this point alone equal 10% of Jordan’s population. He said that within a year, the financial burden resulting from the growing number of refuges will top $1 billion. Yet he said Jordan has no intention of turning them away. 

“How are you going to turn back women, children, or the wounded?” he asked. 

Obama now has to work with Congress to free up the $200 million he has pledged to Jordan.