British War Memorial Graffitied With Word 'Islam'

British War Memorial Graffitied With Word 'Islam'

On May 27, British veterans discovered the RAF Bomber Command war memorial in London’s Green Park was graffitied with the word ‘Islam.’

The letters were writ large, in red, and were also discovered on the “Animals In War memorial half a mile away in Park Lane.”

According to The Sun, the RAF Bomber Command memorial was constructed in honor of “the 55,573 British airmen killed fighting the Nazis.” Former rear gunner Harry Irons, 89, of Romford, Essex, “flew 60 bombing sorties over Europe.” He described the graffiti as “bloody disgusting,” and said it would simply contribute to “creating more anger across the country.”

The RAF Bomber Command memorial was unveiled in June 2012 after a five year fundraising push, led by the late Bee Gee Robin Gibb. His son, RJ, commented on the graffiti:

Whether it says ‘Islam,’ ‘Banksy,’ or ‘Life is beautiful’ is beside the point. A monument dedicated to those who died for the freedoms we and many around this planet enjoy should be respected.

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