Obama Deploys U.S. Marines to Syrian Border

Obama Deploys U.S. Marines to Syrian Border

On the heels of the decision to arm select groups of Syrian rebels, 300 U.S. Marines have reportedly been deployed to the Syrian border.

And, according to the International Business Times, “a Patriot anti-aircraft missile system was also moved to the area, north of Al-Mafraq in northern Jordan.”

The Marine deployment took place under “the cover of a military training exercise” for this week, but it is now expected to last for months. 

This is largely being viewed as President Obama’s response to reports that Syria has used chemical weapons.

British Prime Minister David Cameron appears to be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with President Obama on this matter. He said British analysts had “concluded Assad’s forces used the nerve agent sarin on two occasions”–one in March, another in April. 

Cameron also highlighted the dangers of chemical weapons spreading if no one moves to secure them.