World View — Report: Iran Sending 4,000 Troops to Aid Assad in Syria

World View — Report: Iran Sending 4,000 Troops to Aid Assad in Syria

This morning’s key headlines from

  • Sunni Islamist terrorists conduct another horrific attack in Pakistan
  • Report: Iran sending 4,000 troops to aid Assad in Syria
  • U.S. will put F-16s and Patriot missiles into Jordan
  • Bank Of America Lied To Homeowners And Encouraged Foreclosures

Sunni Islamist terrorists conduct another horrific attack in Pakistan

Bombed out bus next to women's university campus sign on Saturday (Dawn)
Bombed out bus next to women’s university campus sign on Saturday (Dawn)

The al-Qaeda linked terror group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), an offshootof the Pakistan Taliban, is claiming responsibility for a horrificdouble suicide attack in Quetta on Saturday. A female suicide bomberwas able to sneak onto a school bus carrying female college students.After everyone was seated, she blew herself up, killing 14. Thesurvivors were transported to a hospital, and there another suicidebomber blew himself up, causing maximum carnage. LeJ militants thenlaunched a gunfight at the hospital, killing another 11, until theywere subdued. Similar kinds of attacks in the past have specificallytargeted the Shia Muslim ethnic Hazaras. According to an LeJ spokesmanon Sunday:

“The suicide attack on the bus was carried out by oneof our sisters. She boarded the student bus and blew herself up.Then we carried out a second suicide attack at the hospital andour fighters killed several people. We did this because securityforces killed our fighters and their wives inKharotabad.”

This is a lie by the LeJ spokesman, since LeJ has carried out manysimilar attacks in the past, and has previously issued a statementthat said, “Our mission [in Pakistan] is the abolition of this impuresect and people, the Shias and the Shia Hazaras, from every city,every village, every nook and corner of Pakistan.”

A web site reader posted the following in the Generational Dynamics forum:

“Having been in Afghanistan for a year and dealingwith the indigenous population is not reported in the media thatin the regional life and the local culture is very hierarchicalunlike in the North America/Western Europe zone. The Hazara is onthe bottom of the tribal hierarchy because they are nomadic goatand sheepherders. They rent out their services to the highestthe old cattlemen of the American west. Now many refugees aremoving back to Afghanistan from Pakistan and trying to reclaimvillages that they left one or two generations ago when theRussian or Taliban moved in and guess who is grazing their sheepon “their” land? Also, the borders are basically non-existent. TheAf/Pak border is a line on the map drawn by Lord Durand and is aborder control/tax collection station on the A75 between SpinBuldak, Af and Quetta-Chapman/Pakistan. The Hazara walk over theborder with their sheep all the time. The more industrial of theHazara have settled in Quetta and scattered all over Balochistan,and guess who sees the Hazara as competitors for jobs and otherresources? The local Baloch ethnic/tribe group. Last, there ishardly any intermingling or marriage between the local groups,just old antagonisms from centuries ago. Remember, in that areawhere the Hazara live, memories and feuds go back generations andcenturies.”

Pakistan’s new prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, has promised to end theseterrorist attack by means of negotiated peace talks withTehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP – the Pakistan Taliban). Just as peacenegotiations have no chance in Syria, they have no chance with the TTPor LeJ, either. Daily Times (Pakistan) and Dawn (Pakistan)

Report: Iran sending 4,000 troops to aid Assad in Syria

According to a news report, Iran will send 4,000 Iranian RevolutionaryGuard soldiers to Syria to support the regime of Syria’s presidentBashar al-Assad. The introduction of Hezbollah’s troops into Syriahas already had several serious consequences in the Mideast — Egypt’sdecision to cut all diplomatic ties with Syria, and the Obamaadministration’s announcement that it will supply small arms toSyria’s rebels. The introduction of 4,000 Iranian troops, if true,will raise the Sunni versus Shia vitriol in the region to a new high.For years, Generational Dynamics has been predicting a new genocidalMideast war, re-fighting the war between Jews and Arabs that followedthe 1948 partitioning of Palestine and creation of the state ofIsrael, and now events seem to be gathering steam for a Sunni versusShia war that will engulf the entire region, and pull in othernations, including the United States. Independent (London)

U.S. will put F-16s and Patriot missiles into Jordan

The United States said on Saturday it will keep Patriot missiles andF-16 jet fighters in Jordan after joint military exercises end nextweek. According to the State Department:

“The secretary [John Kerry] reaffirmed that the UnitedStates continues to work aggressively for a political solutionwith the goal of a second Geneva meeting, but that the use ofchemical weapons and increasing involvement of Hezbollahdemonstrates the regime’s lack of commitment to negotiations andthreatens to put a political settlement out ofreach.”

This appears to be one more consequence of Hezbollah’s invasion ofSyria by troops fighting in support of Bashar al-Assad’s army.Reuters

Bank Of America Lied To Homeowners And Encouraged Foreclosures

The government created the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP)in 2009 in response to the foreclosure epidemic and to encourage banksto give homeowners loan modifications, allowing some borrowers to stayin their homes. This followed a scandal when it was revealed thatbank employees “robo signed” documents without verifying them as isrequired by law. Now, six former Bank of America employees areaccusing the bank of purposely sabotaging the HAMP program, forcinghomeowners unnecessarily into foreclosure instead of modifying theloans, and then lying both the homeowner and the government about whatthey were doing.

What’s remarkable about this story is that it’s so unremarkable.We’re living in a time when an entire generation of bankers purposelycreated tens of trillions of dollars in fraudulent syntheticmortgage-backed securities, and then sold them as AAA risk free.We’re living at a time when bankers manipulated Libor for their ownprofit, when CNBC analysts lie every day about stock valuations, andwhen the White House lies every day about having used the IRS totarget political enemies. And it’s worth pointing out again: TheObama justice department adamantly refuses to investigate and chargebankers who participated in the fraud that caused the financialcrisis, or who perpetrated the IRS targeting. So, Bank of Americaemployees defrauding homeowners and lying to the government is nothingspecial. It’s just what happens every day these days. Reuters

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