Sexual Assaults Rampant During Egypt's Anti-Morsi Protests

Sexual Assaults Rampant During Egypt's Anti-Morsi Protests

As millions of Egyptians protest to demand President Mohammed Morsi’s removal, sexual assaults and attempted sexual assaults are ubiquitous.

According to the AP, a “vigilante group” that has formed to protect women reported 46 attempted sexual assaults on June 30 alone.

Attacks on women in Tahrir Square have steadily increased since Hosni Mubarak was ousted in 2011. And now the assaults have reached a level where the protests aimed at Morsi’s ouster have become a target-rich environment for men who wish to assault women. 

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that a Dutch journalist was raped by five men in Tahrir Square on June 28. That journalist “is believed to have undergone surgery for the horrific injuries sustained during the attack.”

Mothers, grandmothers, and even 7-year old girls have been targeted for assault during the protests as well. 

Watch groups like “Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment” are urging females to avoid going to the protests until some semblance of order can be restored. 

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