Obama Admin Frozen by Tough Choices in Egypt

Obama Admin Frozen by Tough Choices in Egypt

According to an AP report, Obama met with his national security team for discussions prior to the start of the July 4 fireworks celebration in Washington, DC. The topic–what to do or not do regarding Egypt.

The meeting was used to fashion messages that Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and national security adviser Susan Rice will communicate to leaders throughout the world.

But while the messages stressed the need for “transparency” and urged the avoidance “of arbitrary arrests of Morsi and his supporters,” the Obama administration remained at a loss as to whose side to take in the current Egyptian crisis.

The concern is that, if they denounce the Morsi ouster outright, they could be accused of propping up a ruler who has lost public support. At the same time, the administration worries that, if they look the other way, they could be accused of fomenting dissent or could lose credibility on their commitment to democracy.

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