U.S. to Begin Trade Talks with Eurozone

U.S. to Begin Trade Talks with Eurozone

The United States began trade talks with the European Union (EU) Monday. 

According to the Associated Press, EU executive Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso said the talks will focus on “trade and investment,” as well as privacy, among other things.

The talks will face several essential problems that will be difficult to overcome in the short term. 

For example, any trade or investment agreements that emerge from these talks will likely come with heavy EU regulations attached. While this may be acceptable to the Obama administration, Congress will likely not go along. Thus, this will require numerous revisions over an extended period of time which both sides will have to review and approve before going forward.

On top of this, France may seize on privacy concerns as a way to scuttle trade talks, which it does not appear to be interested in to begin with. 

The bottom line–the road to U.S./EU trade agreements could prove to be a long one. 

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