China's New Government Will Still Attack Dalai Lama

China's New Government Will Still Attack Dalai Lama

China’s new government isn’t going to stop attacking the Dalai Lama. Yu Zhengsheng, who runs ethnic affairs for the Chinese Communist Party and is the fourth highest official in the government, said that the Dalai Lama’s support for splitting Tibet from China runs counter Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Yu said the Dalai Lama’s position challengesChina’s constitution and policies on self-governance by ethnic minorities: “In order to safeguard national unity and the development and stability of Tibetan regions, we must open a clear and profound struggle against the Dalai clique.”

Yu added that Tibetan Buddhists should separate from the Dalai Lama and give up any dreams of independence from China. The Chinese government insists that it has spent a great deal of money boosting Tibet’s economy, but Tibetans are convinced that the money went to Chinese migrant workers. There have been reports of up to 119 Tibetans burning themselves alive to protest Chinese rule along with consistent clashes between Tibetan Buddhists and the Chinese. Some reports said that

Chinese paramilitary police fired on Tibetans celebrating the Dalai Lama’s 78th birthday on Saturday. Six Tibetans were injured.