Egypt's Brotherhood Vows to Keep Defying 'Coup'

Egypt's Brotherhood Vows to Keep Defying 'Coup'

(AP) Egypt’s Brotherhood vows to keep defying ‘coup’
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood says it will continue its “peaceful” resistance in defiance of the military’s ouster of the country’s Islamist president, Mohammed Morsi.

The Brotherhood also says it’s distancing itself from an attack on a senior army commander.

A statement Thursday by the Islamist group, from which Morsi hails, says it will keep defying what it calls a “coup” that overthrew the country’s first freely elected president and will not deviate from this position.

The statement also denounced Wednesday’s assassination attempt against Maj. Gen. Ahmed Wasfi in the Sinai town of Rafah, near the border with Gaza.

The statement comes a day after authorities issued arrest warrants for the Brotherhood’s spiritual leader and nine other leading Islamists for inciting violence that left dozens dead in the Egyptian capital on Monday.