Soviet Defector: Soviets Used Anti-Semitism to Target America

Soviet Defector: Soviets Used Anti-Semitism to Target America

Lieutenant General Ion Mihai Pacepa writes in his new book “Disinformation,” that the most severe damage the former Soviet Machine inflicted on the West was the disinformation campaign perfected by Yuri Andropov, former head of the KGB. Andropov was a former two-star general in the Securitate, the secret police of Communist Romania, and the highest intelligence officer ever to have defected from the former Soviet bloc. Pacepa writes that more people worked in the disinformation campaign in the Soviet Bloc than for the combined army and defense industry.

Pacepa reveals that Andropov’s plan for creating hatred of the United States was to revive and foment anti-semitism. Andropov believed correctly that the United States would stand with Israel, and if the European left and the Islamic world could be manipulated into thinking that America was run by Jews, they would turn against America.

Andropov told the disinformation specialists to work on catalyzing anti-semitism, and was rewarded when Palestinian terrorists who were trained in secret at the KGB’s Balashikha special-operations school east of Moscow hijacked an El Al plane in 1969 and flew it to Algeria, where they held its 32 Jews aboard for 5 weeks. While they were held, Andropov and his minions used the media to depict America and Israel as threats to world peace.

Later, Pacepa notes, Andropov broadened his plans; heretofore it was to hijack Israeli planes, but it mushroomed into organizing public executions of “Zionists.” Dr. George Habash, Marxist leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a protégé of Andropov’s, said, “Killing one Jew far from the field of battle is more effective than killing a hundred Jews on the field of battle, because it attracts more attention.”

Andropov’s disinformation efforts were working by 1972 to whip up Muslim belief that the U.S. was trying to make the Middle East a Zionist enclave, and that the U.S. Congress was a “Council of the Elders of Zion.” Pacepa writes that in 1972, the KGB sent the DIE (the Romanian KGB which Pacepa headed), an Arabic translation of the old Russian made-up story “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” The DIE also received “documentary” material made up by the KGB that was in Arabic “proving” America was a Zionist country. Pacepa admits the DIE received those documents with orders that they be distributed to certain Islamic countries; thousands of copies were sent out each month.

Pacepa concludes that the 9/11 attacks, using hijacked airplanes, were a concept perfected by Andropov and handed down to the perpetrators.