Two Palestinian Women Disguised as Orthodox Jews Caught At Israeli Checkpoint

Two Palestinian Women Disguised as Orthodox Jews Caught At Israeli Checkpoint

Attempts by Palestinians to illegally enter pre-1967 Israel for possibly terroristic  actions have now taken an insidious turn: two Palestinian Authority Arab women disguised themselves as Orthodox Jews and tried to sneak past the Hizme checkpoint in Samaria, according to Israel’s Arutz Sheva news.

The two women were riding on the #143 public bus when an Israeli officer waved the bus over for a routine security check. As he walked through the bus, he saw the two women wearing hair coverings as Orthodox Jewish women wear, but he also saw they were tense, and one was holding a Jewish prayer book upside down.

It was discovered the two thirty-ish women were from Ramallah. They were and taken off the bus to be investigated.

Several years ago, radical Palestinian clerics began authorizing female suicide bombers, specifically encouraging them to dress as religious Jewish women, whose code of dress was described as modest enough to allow female terrorists to infiltrate Israel without violating Islamic practices regrading women’s clothing.

There has been great criticism of the security fence Israel has built to keep terrorists away from its major cities, but with the recent threats by the Palestinians to target the Jewish community of Beit El, and actions like those of the two women, there is little doubt that the Palestinians have not ceased looking for ways to target Jews. 

Abdullah Abu Rahma, one of the leaders of the “Popular Committees for Resistance to the fence and Settlements” told the PalToday website in early July that a new campaign, named “Country – be Strong,” will center on Beit El, he said, because “it is a symbol of the settlements.” He said there would be “special and surprising actions” in the near future.