Taliban Sends Letter to Girl They Tried to Kill

Taliban Sends Letter to Girl They Tried to Kill

The Pakistani Taliban sent a letter to 16-year old Malala Yousafzai explaining why they are right and she is wrong in the aftermath of their failed assassination of the outspoken young woman.

According to The Telegraph, the letter to Yousafzai was written by Adnan Rasheed–a senior member in the Pakistani branch of the Taliban. The letter is a response to Yousafzai’s July 12 U.N. speech calling attention to women’s education and her desires for world peace. 

Yousafzai has made a name for herself by campaigning for expanded educational opportunities for women in Islamic countries and around the world; the Pakistani Taliban, conversely, has a made a name for itself by trying to silence to her–permanently

Rasheed used the letter to accuse Yousafzai of “pushing U.N. propaganda”; he criticized the Westernized education system he believes she represents. He wrote that such an “education system that has no place in Islam.” He even dismissed the attempted assassination of Yousafzai by asking if “there would have been such an outcry if she had been injured in a U.S. drone strike.”

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