Netanyahu: Peace Talks Will Be 'Direct, Discreet'

Netanyahu: Peace Talks Will Be 'Direct, Discreet'

Speaking of the upcoming peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the talks will be “direct” and “discreet” and that any agreement emerging from them will be put to a national referendum.

Netanyahu said the referendum is important because any decision of this magnitude needs to be a “national decision.”

According to The Times of Israel, Netanyahu said two of his overarching goals are to maintain a Jewish majority in Israel and to be sure any future Palestinian state does not become a “terror state” with Iranian backing.

Israeli President Shimon Peres spoke highly of Netanyahu on July 20, praising the Israeli PM’s understanding of this…historic calling.” Peres also praised U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, saying his “work was very professional” and had contributed to the U.S. “[fulfilling] an important and central role” in the return to negotiations.

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