Oceanographer: Viral 'North Pole Lake' Not Sign of Global Warming

Oceanographer: Viral 'North Pole Lake' Not Sign of Global Warming

An “Olympic-size” lake near the North Pole has once again turned to ice, contradicting environmentalists’ claim that a buoy filmed in what appeared to an “arctic lake” by the North Pole last week offered incontrovertible proof of global warming. 

Global warming alarmists used those images to demand action on climate change issues last week, but James Morrison, the “principal oceanographer for the North Pole Environmental Observatory,” told Reuters the buoy was never even near the North Pole, as it had drifted more than 300 miles away.

In addition, he said, “the water the buoy was bobbing in last week was not a lake, but a melt pond, a common occurrence in the Arctic summer when the sun shines 24 hours a day.”

Morrison also told Reuters that after about a week of being surrounded by water, the buoy sat on top of a frozen sea on July 29, which can be seen in these images.

“The webcam archives show that from July 20 to 21, the buoy went from having a few big pieces of ice around it to being completely surrounded by water,” Reuters reported. “On Sunday, the buoy went from floating to sitting atop a skin of sea ice. By Monday there was ice and snow around it.”

Photo: NPEO, National Science Foundation