World View: Zimbabwe's 90 Year Old 'Liberation Hero' Robert Mugabe Wins Another Election

World View: Zimbabwe's 90 Year Old 'Liberation Hero' Robert Mugabe Wins Another Election

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  • Zimbabwe’s 90 year old ‘Liberation Hero’ Robert Mugabe wins another election
  • Chinese skin is black enough for Robert Mugabe
  • Intelligence from Yemen forcing embassy closings

Zimbabwe’s 90 year old ‘Liberation Hero’ Robert Mugabe wins another election

Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe

It would be hard to choose a country leader anywhere in the worldwho’s more vile than Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, but Zimbabwe’s 90 yearold Robert Mugabe certainly qualifies. Mugabe’s actions to transformZimbabwe, the breadbasket of southern Africa, into a starvingdisease-ridden country are almost beyond belief. (See “‘Liberation Hero’ Robert Mugabe now destroys Zimbabwe with cholera.” from 2008.) Mugabe’sneighbors have refused to deal with him because of his stature as ananti-American anti-Western anti-white ‘Liberation Hero,” even thoughmilitias affiliated with Mugabe’s party, the Zimbabwe African NationalUnion-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF), operate as de facto enforcers ofgovernment policies and commit assault, torture, rape, extralegalevictions and executions without fear of punishment.

Now Mugabe has apparently overwhelmingly won a new election forpresident, with the official results to be announced laterthis week.

There’s plenty of evidence that Mugabe’s government rigged theelection.

  • As many as 1 million out of more than 6 million eligible voters were not on voters’ lists.
  • The government printed 2 million more ballots than were needed, with no explanation why.
  • The electoral rolls contained some 2 million centenarians in a country where life expectancy is 51. Those 2 million extra ballots were presumably used to allow dead people to vote.
  • The government provided “assistance” to voters, especially in strong opposition districts. In one constituency, more than 10,000 voters out of 17,000 were “assisted,” even though Zimbabwe has an extremely high 92% literacy rate. The “assistance,” according to many reports, involved marking the ballot for the voter.

Mugabe’s actions are mostly based on the historical enmity oftwo tribes — Mugabe’s Shona tribe, and his enemies, the Ndebeletribe. Genocidal warfare occurred between these two tribes inprevious generational crisis wars — the Mfecane war that climaxed in1828, the Matabele Wars that climaxed in 1897, and the Rhodesia civilwar, climaxing in 1979. It was the last war that gave Zimbabweindependence, making Mugabe the President.

In 1983, to consolidate his hold on power, Mugabe launched “OperationGukurahundi” (“The rain that washes away the chaff before the springrain”). 20,000 people, almost all of them from the Ndebele tribe,were tortured, raped and slaughtered.

As recently as the 1999, Zimbabwe was a breadbasket of Africa,exporting up to 500,000 metric tons of surplus food. By 2003,Zimbabwe was starving. What happened during those three years was aMarxist socialist “land reform” program by Robert Mugabe thatconfiscated 4,500 white-owned commercial farms and redistributed theproperty to his own Shona ethnic group.

Apparently, white farm owners are too evil for Mugabe to tolerate.It’s better just to let people, especially the Ndebele, starve todeath. And if anyone complains, just torture and massacre thousandsof Ndebele, so that there’ll be more food for the Shona.

After 2003, more and more Zimbabweans have been dying of starvation,because Mugabe has destroyed the farm infrastructure. By 2008, theofficial rate of inflation was 231 million percent. Zimbabwe wasprinting 200 million dollar bills.

Chinese skin is black enough for Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe’s economy has improved since 2008, and there’s plenty offood, as well as fuel for the cars, but it’s not because the farms areproducing much more food, or because industry is returning.It’s because the diamond mines are move valuable than ever, andinvestors from China are pouring hundreds of millions of dollarsinto the country in return for the diamonds and other naturalresources.

And so, white farmers were too evil to be allowed to run the farms,apparently because they don’t have black skin, but Chinese investorscan just come in and take Zimbabwe’s national resources. Apparently,Chinese skin is black enough for Mugabe.

And of course the Chinese have no qualms about supporting any of theworld’s most vile leaders, whether Syria’s Bashar al-Assad orZimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe. Anyone who thinks that China’s president XiJinping is a “nice guy” who would never launch a surprise attack onthe United States should be aware that we’re dealing with some of thesleaziest and most repulsive leaders in the world.

Mugabe’s Ndebele opponents are absolutely furious that Mugabe hasrigged another election to get another 5 year term as president. Manyobservers expect violence when the official results are announced onWednesday. Mugabe’s security forces expect violence as well, and sowe may be just a few days away from another Ndebele bloodbath.CBS News and ZimDiaspora blog

Intelligence from Yemen forcing embassy closings

Sanaa, Yemen (CNN)
Sanaa, Yemen (CNN)

Fresh intelligence from Yemen, home of Al-Qaeda in the ArabianPeninsula (AQAP) has led the U.S. to conclude that AQAP is in thefinal stages of planning an attack on U.S. and Western targets, eitherin Yemen or throughout the Middle East and northern Africa, betweenSunday and Tuesday. This intelligence has caused the U.S. StateDept. to issue a global travel alert through the end of August. Inadditional, the U.S. is closing 22 embassies and consulates in theregion. Germany, France and Britain are also closing their Yemenembassies on Sunday and Monday. The UK Foreign Office warned itscitizens to leave Yemen:

“If you don’t leave the country now while commercialcarriers are still flying it is extremely unlikely that theBritish government will be able to evacuate you or provideconsular assistance.”


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