In Gay Rights, Obama Suddenly Finds a 'Precondition'

In Gay Rights, Obama Suddenly Finds a 'Precondition'

President Barack Obama’s decision to withdraw from a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin was likely driven by gay rights considerations, not national security concerns involving Edward Snowden. And as Rush Limbaugh noted Wednesday morning, Obama’s withdrawal reneges on a very specific promise he made during his 2007-8 presidential campaign: to meet with foreign leaders “without preconditions.”

Note that Obama’s promise applied to Iran, among other rogue states–and Iran not only ignores gay rights, but treats gays and lesbians with absolute brutality, including public execution. That did not stop Obama from promising to sit down with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. 

In fact, Obama is enthusiastically pursuing talks with the Iranian regime on the false pretext that new president Hassan Rouhani is a “moderate.”

What has changed? Nothing–except Obama’s new, inconsistent, and opportunistic enthusiasm for gay rights issues.