Official: Israel Can Act Against Iran if Obama Won't

Official: Israel Can Act Against Iran if Obama Won't

A senior Israeli official says Israel can carry out a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities in the absence of U.S. action. 

While the official admitted that unilateral action by Israel would be “less effective” than action taken in tandem with the U.S., he fears “the conciliatory tone” that may characterize U.S./Iranian talks will leave the Israelis no other choice.

As the Jerusalem Post reports, the U.S. has already been too conciliatory in Israel’s opinion. Washington is ready to work with Iran’s new president, while “Jerusalem is warning that the new regime–like the old–is a threat to world peace.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed this matter:

The president of Iran has been replaced, but the goal of the regime has not been replaced, it remains as it was. Iran’s intention is to develop a nuclear capability and nuclear weapons in order to destroy the State of Israel, and this constitutes a danger not only to us and the Middle East, but the entire world, and we are all committed to prevent this.

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