Netanyahu Refers to Breitbart Story on Palestinian Indoctrination

Netanyahu Refers to Breitbart Story on Palestinian Indoctrination

In talks with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in Jerusalem on Friday, Israeli Prime Minister referred to a Breitbart News story about the indoctrination of Palestinian children with anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hatred at UN Relief and Works Agency summer camps. 

The Breitbart News story presented exclusive video filmed by the Nahum Bedein Center for Near East Policy and Research inside the UNRWA camps by Palestinian reporters.

Netanyahu’s complaint about the UNWRA camps led his official statement to the UN Secretary-General (text follows video, below):

Mr. Secretary, welcome to Jerusalem.  It’s always a pleasure to see you and to discuss the issues of our time with you, the Secretary-General of the United Nations.  I know, like me, you want to see the peace process which has been resumed, succeed.  I know that like me you know that the most important thing is to prepare our respective peoples for peace and in this regard, I’m sure you are going to look into the abuse of UNRWA camps in Gaza that have been used purportedly for peace camps, but actually to instill the culture of hatred and the ideas of destroying Israel amidst Palestinian children.  It’s very hard to habituate and prepare the next generation for peace when they’re told that Jews are the descendents of pigs and monkeys and that the Jewish State has no right to exist, so I trust that you will make sure that these abuses of U.N. goals and U.N. funds does not continue.

The Breitbart News story showed children being taught to blame “the Jews” for their plight, and declaring their intent to go to heaven as “martyrs.” The initial story and video were picked up, among other places, by the Lawfare Project, which opposes the abuse of human rights law and international institutions in this manner. The story soon came to the attention of the Israeli media and the Israeli government, which has long complained that UNRWA resources are used to support Hamas and terrorism in general.