US Born al-Qaeda Militant Calls for Murder of US Diplomats

US Born al-Qaeda Militant Calls for Murder of US Diplomats

Adam Gadahn, a California-born convert to Islam and al-Qaeda member, praised the murderer of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and placed bounties on the heads of other American diplomats. From Reuters:

“These prizes have a great effect in instilling fear in the hearts of our cowardly enemies,” Gadahn said in the 39-minute video recording in Arabic posted on websites used by Islamist militants, according to SITE.

“They also encourage hesitant individuals to carry out important and great deeds in the path of Allah,” he said, in an English transcript on SITE.

In 2007, Gadahn encouraged attacks on diplomats and embassies because of American troops in Iraq and Afganistan.

He moved to Pakistan in 1998 and married an Afghan refugee. It did not take long for Gadahn to become a senior advisor to Osama bin Laden and an al-Qaeda interpreter, translator, and video producer. 

The FBI has a $1 million reward for anyone with any information on Gadahn. On October 11, 2006 they put him on the Bureau of Diplomatic Security Rewards for Justice Program list. He was indicted by a federal grand jury for the capital crime of treason in the Southern Division of the United States District Court for the Central District of California.