British Government: Syria Attacked Civilians With Chemical Weapons

British Government: Syria Attacked Civilians With Chemical Weapons

The British government declared on Friday that the Syrian government forces had used chemical weapons in Damascus. “I know that some people in the world would like to say that this is some kind of conspiracy brought about by the opposition in Syria,” British Foreign Secretary William Hague stated. “I think the chances of that are vanishingly small and so we do believe that this is a chemical attack by the Assad regime.”

Hague said that Britain would support a United Nations investigation into the sites of the attacks, and said that Britain would push for stronger action at the UN if Syria did not give access. Hague continued:

Security council members expressed their support for the U.N. team to go there. They haven’t yet been able to and already it seems the Assad regime has something to hide – why else have they not allowed the U.N. team to go there? The only possible explanation of what we’ve been able to see is a chemical attack … there is no other plausible explanation for casualties so intense in such a small area on this scale.

The governments of Russia and China have been blocking UN action over Syria this week.


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