Poll: Americans 'Strongly Oppose' U.S. Intervention in Syria

Poll: Americans 'Strongly Oppose' U.S. Intervention in Syria

Even as reports indicate Presidet Obama is putting the final touches on a missile strike against Syria, a Reuters poll shows that Americans “strongly oppose” the U.S. getting involved in Syria’s conflict, even if Bashar al-Assad really did use chemical weapons against his own people.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll from August 19-23 showed that 60 percent of Americans oppose getting involved in the Syrian conflict, while only 9 percent believe Obama should get involved.

Even if the use of chemical weapons can be proven, support for U.S. intervention only rises to 25 percent.

Obama met with his national security team on August 24 to discuss a possible strike on Syria, and naval forces in the Mediterrarean have been “repositioned” to be ready should Obama give the go ahead.

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