The End of the Cult of Princess Diana

The End of the Cult of Princess Diana

Althorp looks its finest at this time of year. A slow swoop of parkland laps gracefully against the grey-brick elevations of a house whose origins stretch back to medieval times. Late August sunshine adds lustre to a scene already rich in Arcadian grandeur: a scene unchanged since the time, twenty-odd years ago, that Diana, Princess of Wales last laid eyes on it.

She rests there now, on an island in the Round Oval lake. People come each year to visit and pay their respects, by the thousand.

Or did. Althorp shut its doors yesterday and when they reopen next spring virtually all trace of the Spencers’ best-loved daughter will have disappeared. The sandstone stable-block which houses a standing memorial to the Princess will have returned to other uses, the nearby cafe and shop closed and shuttered.

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