Obama, Putin Talk Syria at G20 Summit

Obama, Putin Talk Syria at G20 Summit

With other world leaders looking on, Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin sat in chairs in the corner of the room and talked about Syria at the G20 Summit.

According to ABC News, Syria was not on the agenda for the meeting but it was the topic of discussion among everyone present.

World leaders were divided in their positions over Syria as Obama chatted with the most outspoken of critics–Putin.

After the meeting, Putin said, “It was a very friendly conversation. We stick to our guns. Everybody remained with his position.” He added, “We understand each other… We listen to each other. We understand arguments, we do not agree with those arguments.”

Obama said he understands that Putin may not agree with the U.S. assertion that Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons, however, he hopes the coming U.N. inspector’s report will erase any doubt that such weapons were used.

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