GOP Sen. Corker: 'Humiliating' US Isn't Giving More Aid to Al-Qaeda

GOP Sen. Corker: 'Humiliating' US Isn't Giving More Aid to Al-Qaeda

The rebel forces aligned against Syrian strong-man Bashar Assad are dominated by jihadists and fighters aligned with al-Qaeda. In April, the Obama Administration promised to help arm the rebel forces, but, realizing the very real complications on the ground, that promise has been muted. As the Administration strives to ensure that US arms only go to moderates fighting Assad, GOP Senator Bob Corker openly blasted the Administration for its frugality in suppling arms to jihadis. 

“It was humiliating,” Corker said in an interview with The Washington Post following a recent trip to the Syrian border. “The president had announced that we would be providing lethal aid, and not a drop of it had begun. They were very short on ammunition, and the weapons had not begun to flow.”

Cry me a river. 

Assad is a murderous thug. Despite previously being feted by Vogue, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry, Assad has unleashed fire and brimestone on his populace and is an accomplice in the death of more than 100,000 people. That said, the forces aligned against him are just as thugishly murderous. They routinely give Christians the option of converting to Islam or losing their heads.   

“Big Thinkers” like Sen. Corker think we should give these people weapons. Worse, he is “humiliated” that our gun pipe-line isn’t operating fast enough. Keep in mind, Corker’s interview with the Post was on Wednesday, otherwise known as September 11. So, 12 years after the attacks in New York and Washington, a leading Republican Senator expresses concern, in the press, that we aren’t arming jihadis quickly enough.  

If I lived in Tennessee, I would be “humiliated” to vote for this poser. 


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