Soldiers Describe the Gruesome Scenes Left Behind in Westgate Mall

Soldiers Describe the Gruesome Scenes Left Behind in Westgate Mall

The Westpark Mall siege ended on Monday after a three-day standoff between the radical Islam terror group al-Shabaab and Kenyan Defense Forces. In those three days, the terrorists held many hostages and the soldiers recovering the bodies are describing the horror inside.


The terrorists castrated the men and removed their fingers with pliers. The soldiers found children in the food court freezers with knives inside them. One soldier had to receive counseling because of the scenes. Another soldier said he has seen many bad things in his life, but this will stay with him forever. It would be hard to forget these scenes.

‘You find people with hooks hanging from the roof,’ said one Kenyan doctor, who asked not to be named.

‘They removed eyes, ears, nose. They get your hand and sharpen it like a pencil then they tell you to write your name with the blood.

‘They drive knives inside a child’s body.

‘Actually if you look at all the bodies, unless those ones that were escaping, fingers are cut by pliers, the noses are ripped by pliers. Here it was pain.’

71 civilians were declared missing by the Kenyan Red Cross and many of them are feared to be in the mall. Three floors collapsed, which means it could take weeks to determine the full body count. Sixty-one civilians were murdered, but the body count will be higher. Kenyan officials said five of the terrorists were shot to death, but the majority of them are nothing but a pile of ashes. The police believe the last terrorist alive burned them to protect identities. Rumors and speculations about their identities swirled the internet and now it appears no one will know all of the identities of the terrorists.

When the terrorists stormed the mall they announced they only wanted to murder non-Muslims. Witnesses said the terrorists lined up men, women, and children to quiz them on Islam. If a civilian could not recite a prayer or name the prophet’s mother the terrorist slaughtered them on the spot. Despite their pledge to only kill non-Muslims, many survivors said the gunmen shot at anyone.