World View: Israel and Saudi Arabia Furious over Talk of US/Russia/Iran Deal on Syria

World View: Israel and Saudi Arabia Furious over Talk of US/Russia/Iran Deal on Syria

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  • Israel and Saudi Arabia furious over talk of U.S.-Russia-Iran deal on Syria
  • Saudi Arabia and Israel look for solutions
  • The Mideast perspective

Israel and Saudi Arabia furious over talk of U.S.-Russia-Iran deal on Syria

President Obama and Saudi King Abdullah in friendlier days
President Obama and Saudi King Abdullah in friendlier days

There’s been a flurry of “diplomacy peace moves” recently: PresidentObama having a phone call with Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani;Secretary of State John Kerry congratulating Russia on having apositive, cooperative approach to Syria; Kerry saying he’s “verypleased” with Syria’s positive, cooperative approach to the chemicalweapons inspectors. 

It’s hard to know what to make of all this. Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, has repeatedly shown contempt for President Obama, and itwas just a few weeks ago that Obama snubbed Putin at the G-20 meetingbecause Russia is harboring American traitor Edward Snowden. Syria’spresident Bashar al-Assad has and continues to be a genocidal murdererusing heavy weapons supplied by Russia to kill huge numbers ofinnocent Syrian civilians, and it was just a few weeks ago thatPresident Obama was talking about “red lines” and threatening militaryaction because of al-Assad’s horrific use of chemical weapons oncivilians on August 21. Kerry’s “very pleased” remark came about inresponse to a piece of paper listing Syria’s chemical weapons, and fewpeople doubt that al-Assad will keep hidden a percentage of hischemical weapons from the U.N. inspectors.

So we have an endless series of Obama flip-flops, exuding obeisance toone foreign leader after another who has nothing but contempt forAmerica and President Obama. Unfortunately, Obama has no clue what’sgoing on in the world, no clue what he’s doing, and no cluewhat he’s going to do next. As usual, the fawning, sycophanticmainstream media have nothing but praise for Obama and Kerry, despitethe constantly changing and flip-flopping foreign policy dujour. Jerusalem Post and Al-Hayat

Saudi Arabia and Israel look for solutions

One group of people who are definitely not fawning and sycophantic arethe leaders of Saudi Arabia, who once considered America to be theirally. Saudi leaders are already upset that Obama threw Egypt’sleader Hosni Mubarak under the bus at the start of the Egyptianrevolution.  Now, Obama is siding with Iran and al-Assad, Shia Muslimleaders who are responsible for the massacre of many innocent SunniMuslims, including many women and children and millions ofrefugees. Furthermore, Saudi leaders are upset that Obama is sidingwith Iran in view of the latter’s activities in funding Shiainsurgencies in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. Finally, Saudiintelligence has obtained for al-Assad military sources a long list ofchemical weapons and chemical weapons sites that are being withheld by al-Assad from the international inspectors, making the entireU.S.-Russian deal on inspections a farce. 

Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given up any hope thatPresident Obama will do anything to prevent Iran from developingnuclear weapons. Although Israel and America are still close allies,the personal animosity and distrust between Netanyahu and Obama is extremely high. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia are equally concernedabout the consequences of Iran developing a nuclear weapon, and theyare considering cooperation in facing a nuclear-capable Iran.Reuters and Debka

The Mideast perspective

To put all the above in perspective, this is a good time to summarizethe numerous generational analyses I’ve posted in the past: 

  • It’s quite possible that the civil war in Syria will end. Russia and al-Assad will take all the credit, but as I’ve written many times, Syria is in a generational Awakening era, and this war would have fizzled long ago if it weren’t for the fact that al-Assad is a genocidal maniac being given an unlimited supply of heavy weapons by Russia. Even so, the pressures to end a civil war in a generational Awakening era are enormous, and it’s possible that some kind of peace deal is going to arrive in the next few weeks.
  • If al-Assad and Russia had stopped pursuing genocidal policies two years ago, then the war would have fizzed, and it’s possible that Syria could return to its pre-war “normal.” However, the long delay, and the repeated slaughter, torture, and massacre of innocent Sunni civilians in Syria has electrified the entire region, inflaming the Sunni-Shia fault line, and Sunni jihadists from places as far away as Pakistan, Algeria, and Chechnya have been arriving in Syria to fight the al-Assad regime. On top of all those factors, over 2.1 million Syrian refugees have poured into neighboring countries, destabilizing those economies.
  • Iran is determined to build a nuclear weapon, but they have no intention of using it on Israel. However, they may have plans to use it on Saudi Arabia.
  • When the Clash of Civilizations world war begins, the “allies” will be the United States, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Iran, Israel, Russia and others, while their opponents will be China, Cambodia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the other Sunni states, and others.

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