Russian Media Released Fake Photo of Female Bomber

Russian Media Released Fake Photo of Female Bomber

Naida Asiyalova detonated a bomb on a bus in Volvograd, Russia on Monday afternoon and killed six people. The first photo released was her passport and she is wearing a hijab. However, it is against the law to be photographed with a hijab for official documents.

Officials said the passport was found at the scene, but Asiyalova would not be able to board a bus in Dagestan to Volvograd with the photo. Another one quickly surfaced and Roman Dobrokhotov said this one was the real one.

The website Slon picked up and asked the same questions and came to the conclusion that someone pasted the hijab photo over her original photo. The website also found some other abnormalities on the passport. (Translated from Russian)

  1. But I still do not understand: picture color or black and white? If color, then when it is given a passport? 
  2. I have one I see that photo of a woman lying on top of someone’s passport, covering the native photo? 
  3. In the Russian Federation can be photographed, wrapped up like this? But what about the order from the 2003rd which admits a photo in the headdresses, but do not hide oval face? 
  4. In Dagestan, issued the passport, on the seals which had the following combination of numbers: 051-001, 052-053 to 052-001 by 053-001 and 053-009 for. If the second group of numbers 022 (clearly visible 622 can not be), then the first group of 052 uniquely. In the first group of numbers can be read 052? 
  5. As far as I remember, the first letter of the name should be strictly under the first letter of the middle name, and the press should be black. 
  6. In addition, the author confused stains on laminated page.

Here are their answers to the questions that prove the passport was fake. (Translated from Russian)

  1. Since 2006, allowed both black and white and a color photo in the passport. 
  2. Photos do apparently glued on top, there is a possibility that it was done very Asiyalovoy, who decided that it would be more correct. On the other hand, it is clear that with such a passport can only walk to the nearest police officer is probably why she changed her mind and go on to Moscow. 
  3. It is also possible picture in a headdress for religious reasons, but should be visible oval – in this case, the condition is not met. 
  4. Subdivision code – 050 – in fact the same as those used in Dagestan. With a series of blank passports are also no problem. 
  5. The letters are sometimes in the most random order, and printing can be both black and color. 
  6. Divorces on the laminated page with the photo could easily be left on the other side, which is left unprotected.

State run media finally admitted the passport was a fake, but no one questioned any officials about it. The investigative committee said they did not release the first photo, but were responsible for the real photo released on Tuesday. 

NTV, one of the three state-controlled nationwide TV stations, Monday’s picture was a scan of Asiyalova’s passport taken from her personal dossier at Russian security agencies that had been monitoring her for her suspected terror links. It said a photo of Asiyalova in a headscarf had been put atop the scan by a security agent.

The authorities are still searching for Asiyalova’s husband Dmitry Sokolov, who is an explosives expert and was connected to a female suicide bomber in May.