14-Year Old Girl Gang Raped by Four Men in India

14-Year Old Girl Gang Raped by Four Men in India

Four men are accused of gang-raping a 16-year old in Mumbai, India over the weekend. The country has been plagued by numerous high-profile attacks on women and Mumbai is supposedly the safest city in the country for them.

Six men, all in their 20s, invited the girl to Diwali celebrations. She knew the men and went with them to the Mhada bridge where they forced her to drink a spiked beer. Four of the men took turns raping her. She did not tell anyone for two days because of fear of possible backlash. The suspects are on the run, but police have put together seven teams to find the rapists. It is reported they are already facing other criminal charges.

This is just the latest of many sexual attacks on women in India. Last December, a 13-year old was gang-raped on a bus in New Dehli; she died three days later. The incident went international and citizens in India started to demand more justice and protection for women. 

However, the number of rape cases in Dehli has doubled since the attack. There were 1,330 rapes in Dehli in the past 10 months. Sexual assaults and sexual harassment cases have doubled. One Supreme Court justice said this is evidence that women are still not protected in India. Ranjana Kumari, a leading campaigner for women’s rights, said it also shows more women are coming forward to report attacks.