World View: Plans for Syria 'Peace Conference' in Geneva Collapse

World View: Plans for Syria 'Peace Conference' in Geneva Collapse

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  • Plans for Syria ‘peace conference’ in Geneva collapse
  • U.S. intelligence suggests that Syria is hiding chemical

Plans for Syria ‘peace conference’ in Geneva collapse

Bashar al-Assad (Gulf News)
Bashar al-Assad (Gulf News)

Plans for an international “peace conference” on the war in Syriacollapsed on Tuesday. The peace conference was originally the idea ofthe Obama administration and the Russians, who, in May, proposed theconference for June. With one delay after another, it was hoped thatthe peace conference would be held in November. But with Tuesday’sannouncement, the conference will be postponed to next year. 

When making the announcement, U.N./Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimisaid: 

  • that an average of 6,000 people per day leave Syria to become refugees in neighboring countries;
  • that more than 9 million people are directly suffering, either as IDPs (internally displaced persons) within Syria, or as refugees in neighboring countries;
  • that the international community is already paying $4-6 billion per month, and doesn’t want to pay more;
  • that United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon is “getting impatient” with the war, and wants it to end.

And so we have Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov saying,solution.” Meanwhile, Russia is pouring heavy weapons into Syria foral-Assad’s army to use in mutilating and massacring innocentcivilians. 

And we have al-Assad, who has been starving and bombing innocentcivilians, using Russian weapons, because hewants to gain as much military advantage as possible for leverageduring any peace conference. His adviser says that al-Assad shouldnot step down, because once peace is at hand, then the Syrian people(the ones whom al-Assad hasn’t yet had a chance to kill) will decidewhether he should step down. According to his adviser: “Whatever theSyrians agree to is fine but there should be no foreign or regionalinterference in the will of the Syrian people.” 

And we have U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who says, “There’s nomilitary solution to this war; we must find a diplomatic solution.”Kerry has been sucking up to the Russians after a series offlip-flops by President Obama, indirectly supporting al-Assad’sgenocidal massacre of his own people. Beyond that, there’s nocoherent strategy that I can discern to what the Obama administrationis doing in foreign policy, and Kerry just travels from place toplace, saying one dumb thing after another. 

Thanks to the psychopathic behavior by al-Assad, fully andenthusiastically supported by the Russians and indirectly supported bythe Obama administration, Syria has become a magnet for al-Qaedalinked jihadists from Pakistan, Algeria, Dagestan, and other regions.The result is Syria has two different opposition forces — theoriginal Syrian “rebels,” and the jihadists. 

So what would be the outcome of a peace conference if it did occur?Would the al-Qaeda linked jihadists stop fighting? Would al-Assadstop fighting? 

Let’s remember how this all started. Two and a half years ago, there werepeaceful demonstrations by people asking for greater politicalfreedom. There were no jihadists, and the demonstrators had noweapons. Al-Assad responding by slaughtering the innocent civilianprotesters with guns and tanks and missiles. 

If there were a peace conference and everyone stopped shooting, butthe Syria people started peacefully demonstrating again, wouldal-Assad not slaughter them this time? 

So we have Lavrov, Kerry, and others saying, “There’s no militarysolution to this war; we must find a diplomatic solution.” Theyrepeated this over and over, like Howdy Doody singing “It’s HowdyDoody time! It’s Howdy Doody time!” over and over and over. 

And so we have the United States of America, the greatest nation inthe history of the world, the world’s policeman since World War II,under the Barack Obama administration subordinating itself to andconspiring with the Russians to allow the psychopathic al-Assad tocommit genocide. That’s what it’s come to. Reuters and Bloomberg and BBC

U.S. intelligence suggests that Syria is hiding chemical weapons

Secretary of State John Kerry has repeatedly congratulated Russiaon having a positive, cooperative approach to Syria, and Kerry hasrepeatedly said he’s “very pleased” with Syria’s positive, cooperativeapproach to the chemical weapons inspectors. I’m sure that Kerry’sreassuring remarks have left the world anxiety-free over al-Assad’sweapons of mass destruction. After all, al-Assad has repeatedly liedabout his genocidal behavior and is still lying about having usedchemical weapons on innocent civilians, even though United Nationsinspectors presented evidence that proves that al-Assad used thoseweapons. But Kerry’s remarks removed all concerns. 

So now U.S. intelligence is indicated that the al-Assad regime did notfully declare all its chemical weapons after all, and that it wants tokeep some chemical weapons and also wants to keep factories wherechemical weapons could be manufactured. 

Wow! What a surprise! Who could have seen this coming after all thosereassuring statements by Kerry? CNN

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