Kerry Threatens Israel with Third Intifada

Kerry Threatens Israel with Third Intifada

US Secretary of State John Kerry, using the bully tactics of his boss Barack Obama, warned Israel that if Israeli-Palestinian talks break down, there might be a third intifada. Kerry’s one-sided warning was even more astounding when this fact is thrown in the mix: two days before he shot off his mouth, a poll conducted by the Arab World For Research & Development showed that only 29% of West Bank and Gaza Palestinians would be in favor of a third intifada, even though 60% believe it could happen.

What this despicable action by Kerry means is that Kerry has now tacitly given a green light for Palestinian terrorists to wage a third intifada against Israel. The Palestinians don’t want one, but the U.S. is now saying that they have justification because of Israel’s intransigence.

Kerry’s threat came during a joint interview with Channel 2’s Udi Segal and Maher Shalabi of Palestine TV. He said:

The alternative to getting back to the talks is the potential of chaos. Does Israel want a third intifada?…I believe that if we do not resolve the issues between Palestinians and Israelis, if we do not find a way to find peace, there will be an increasing isolation of Israel, three will be an increasing campaign of the de-legitimization of Israel that has been taking place on an international basis…If we do not resolve the question of settlements, and who lives where and what rights they have; if we don’t end the presence of Israeli soldiers perpetually in the West Bank, then there will be an increasing feeling that if you cannot get peace with a leadership that is committed to non-violence, we may wind up with a leadership that is committed to violence.

On Thursday, Kerry was at it again; he held a press conference with Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh in Amman and blustered, “What is the alternative to peace? Prolonged continued conflict. The absence of peace really means you have a sort of low-grade conflict, war…as long as the aspirations of people are held down one way or another” the “possibilities of violence” increase.

Of course, Kerry never mentions the Israelis’ aspirations to simply live in peace without the constant existential threat, but then, the same man who lied about Vietnam atrocities can’t exactly be someone who wants the truth.


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