Egypt's Constitutional Panel Holds Final Meeting

Egypt's Constitutional Panel Holds Final Meeting

(AP) Egypt’s constitutional panel holds final meeting
A panel that amended a constitution drafted under now-ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi is holding a final meeting before it hands over the final draft to Egypt’s interim president.

An upbeat mood prevailed in Monday’s meeting, with members of the panel picked by the military-backed government praising the document as historic and a reflection of Egyptians’ hopes.

The draft will be handed Tuesday to interim president Adly Mansour, who will set a date for a referendum on the charter.

The draft calls for elections, parliamentary or presidential, within 90 days after the adoption of the constitution. The other election should be held up to six months later.

The charter requires presidents to declare their financial assets annually, and empowers lawmakers to vote out an elected president with a two-third majority.