Poll: Support for Obama's Iran Deal Plummets

Poll: Support for Obama's Iran Deal Plummets

In the days leading up to the controversial deal between the Obama administration and Iran, The Washington Post found that 64% supported the deal and only 30% opposed. Immediately after the deal was made, Reuters found that Americans backed the deal by a 2-to-1, 44%-22%, margin. With a couple weeks to learn about and debate the deal, a new poll shows that Americans have completely turned, with only 32% approving of the deal and a plurality of 43% disapproving.

Like his general poll numbers in the wake of the ObamaCare disaster, Obama’s Iran deal is in more trouble with women than men (29% support compared to 35% for men) and young people (support among those 18-49 is 7 points lower than those aged 50-64).

When you look at the decline of support for the Iran deal, what you see is that like ObamaCare, the idea was much more popular than the reality (though ObamaCare has never achieved majority support). You also see that the president and his administration, along with a mostly sympathetic media, have been unable to sell the Iran deal to the American people.

Right now President Obama is having to quell a revolt within his own party on the Iran deal. This latest poll is unlikely to help in that effort.

When presidents get in political trouble, foreign policy is frequently a place they can run to as a way to chalk up a win. Obama’s incapable of even that.


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