Report: Woman Behind Execution of Kim Jong-un's Uncle

Report: Woman Behind Execution of Kim Jong-un's Uncle

News of the execution of Kim Jong-un’s uncle Jang Song-thaek has been followed by reports that Jang’s wife made the final call on the execution. 

Jang’s wife Kim Kyung-hui is head of the North Korea Strategic Information Service Centre. 

According to The Telegraph, it was she who joined with her nephew in choosing her husband “as a prey… to maintain the Kim dynasty regime.”

Kim Kyung-hui is 67 years old, “the daughter of the country’s first leader, sister of its second and aunt of its third.”

A strong woman and avowed communist, she “defied her father” Kim Il-sung to marry Jang in the first place. 

Until his execution, Jang’s role in North Korea was “to guide and shepherd Kim Jong-un, and to insulate and protect him.” However, Jang was known for womanizing and was fond of drink. 

On the day he was executed, the charges against Jang included the accusation that he “let the decedent capitalistic lifestyle find its way to [North Korean] society by distributing all kinds of pornographic pictures among his confidants.” 

Jang has been “swiftly wiped from history, removed from the official photos and videos, and denounced as ‘despicable human scum.'”

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