Report: USSR Spent $1 Billion on Mind Control Research

Report: USSR Spent $1 Billion on Mind Control Research

A report compiled and released by a  German robotics and science group shows the Soviet Union spent “up to $1 billion” developing a mind-control method called “psychotronics.”

Psychotronics is known as “parapsychology” in the US.

According to, the Research Centre of Advanced Robotics and Environmental Science’s Serge Kernbach reports that Soviet mind-control experiments began in 1917 and did not end until 2003.

The mind-control research centered around “transmitting and receiving [signals via the] bio-circuitry of the human nervous system.” This included “beaming a magnetic field into the brain to cause visual hallucinations.” 

The US had a similar program called MKUltra. Scientists with MKUltra “researched the possibility of manipulating people’s minds by altering their brain functions using electromagnetic waves.” 

Kernbach’s report does not speculate on whether either country–or both–might still be experimenting with mind control in different ways.

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