The Islamization of America in 2013

The Islamization of America in 2013

Since I wrote my book Stop the Islamization of America and established the Stop Islamization of America initiative of my organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), we have seen increasing accommodation and submission to Islam in the United States. This past year was a particularly good year for Islamic supremacists, who are working furiously in this country to impose Sharia (Islamic law) — and in particular, the blasphemy laws under the Sharia.

The Islamic supremacist approach is stealthier here in the States than it is in Europe, where we see no-go zones, mass car burnings, etc., because Europe currently has a much bigger Muslim population than the U.S. does. More on Muslim immigration here.

That kind of aggression is in our future, for nothing is being done to prevent its coming here. The few of us who dare to speak against Sharia and jihad are blacklisted from the mainstream media’s major newspaper and broadcast outlets. Trimmers (those who soften the message about Islam or speak of “Islamism,” an artificial word making a distinction without a difference) and Islamic apologists are dusted off and trotted out to make some inane comment whenever the mainstream media cannot avoid covering a jihad news story (such as the Boston Marathon jihad bombing). But the effective true voices against Islamization, such as myself, Robert Spencer, Wafa Sultan, and Ibn Warraq are rarely seen these days.

It’s never been as bad as it is now, and we have never been proven so right as we were in 2013. In the U.S., in a survey released at the end of 2012, almost half of the Muslims in America said that they thought parodies of Muhammad should be subject to criminal prosecution. One in eight thought that insulting Islam should be a death penalty offense. Forty percent said that they shouldn’t have to obey U.S. laws, but should be subject only to Islamic law.

These findings should have come as no surprise; they weren’t much different from those of a May 2013 survey of Muslims worldwide. The survey showed that the harshest Sharia punishments enjoy broad support among Muslims the world over: “72% of Indonesian Muslims, 84% of Pakistani Muslims, 82% of Bengladeshi Muslims, 74% of Egyptian Muslims, and 71% of Nigerian Muslims supported making Sharia the official state law of their respective societies.” 85% of Muslims in Pakistan, 81% in Afghanistan, and 70% in Egypt supported the most brutal aspects of Sharia, such as amputating the hands of thieves. 86% of Muslims in Pakistan, 84% in Afghanistan, and 80% in Egypt supported stoning for adultery. 75% in Pakistan, 79% in Afghanistan, and 88% in Egypt favored executing those who leave Islam. “91% of Iraqi Muslims and 99% of Afghan Muslims supported making Sharia the official state law of their respective societies.”

And in America, wherever Islamic law and American law conflict, it is increasingly American law that gives way. Islam is even taught in public schools, according to a report at The Blaze

An elementary school teacher in Chesapeake, Va. has been charged with simple assault after a parent claimed her daughter’s hand was cut open as a result of the teacher yanking her arm aggressively while trying to teach students an “Islamic hand sign.”

In November 2012, a Muslim mother went on trial for beating her teenage daughter after the girl refused an arranged marriage and was seen at school talking to a boy who was not her planned husband. Her devout Muslim father stabbed his daughter in the neck, leaving a wound an inch and a half long, and admitted that he tried to kill her. This couple was freed: the mother got two years of probation.

This was Arizona. Not Yemen, not Iran, but Phoenix. This is the Sharia in America, for honor violence is not merely sanctioned in Islam, it is encouraged. And honor murder of the offspring is sanctioned under Islam: according to Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law, “not subject to retaliation” is “a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring” (o1.1-2).

The following month, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which has now been declared a terrorist organization by the Egyptian government, spoke at a mosque in Brooklyn. The NYPD enforced the Sharia there as well, arresting a man who came to protest against Brotherhood atrocities in Egypt. One must not criticize Islam or its self-appointed representatives – even in Brooklyn.

In another Sharia ruling that same month, a federal judge ruled against a Tulsa police captain who had exercised his First Amendment rights and refused to force some of his subordinates to attend a dawah (Islamic proselytizing) event at a Tulsa mosque. If these police officers had been required to go to a church, they’d have won their case.

In Minnesota in November 2013, the YMCA and the St. Paul Police Department organized a Muslim swim, restricted to Muslim women only, with taxpayer dollars. The police department is providing transportation for the Muslimas to segregated Sharia swim at the YMCA. There are thousands of Islamic centers across the country — Sharia swim belongs there, not in our public pools. If it is so crucial that these Muslims live under Sharia, why move here? Why not live in a Sharia state?

Instead, Sharia is coming here. In June 2013, it was revealed that the San Francisco Airport used public money to construct a foot-washing station for Muslims. Harvard University in January 2013 posted a Qur’anic verse at the entrance of its faculty of law, describing the verse as one of the greatest expressions for justice in history, heedless of the fact that Sharia law is the antithesis of America law. The Constitution is the great shining moment of Western civilization, based on individual rights, the premise of which is the opposite of Islamic law.

In Minnesota, a Catholic university, the University of St. Thomas, in January 2013 installed mini-mosques and Islamic foot baths for Muslims. Where are the cathedrals and pews in the madrassas? There is no reciprocity in Islam. Non-Muslims cannot pray in mosques. Non-Muslims are only permitted into mosques for dawah (proselytizing). Islamic outreach goes only one way: to Islam. But this is a Catholic university turning itself over to the very ideology that inspires the mass slaughter of Christians across the world. It is astonishing and horrifying in the same breath.

Public schools in Florida are teaching that Muhammad is “God’s messenger.” In Indiana, a Muslim family went from classroom to classroom in a public school, handing out material proselytizing for Islam. Texas public school students were made to wear burqas. In January 2013 in Maryland, Muslim high school students demanded prayer accommodations in a public school.

In August 2013, a Tennessee elementary school banned pork to avoid offending Muslims. Children are drawing the five pillars of Islam in Tennessee public schools. The Nashville, Tennessee public school system is teaching dangerous lies in an Islamic lesson plan written by Islamic dissemblers and rife with grammatical errors and poor English. Where are the children’s drawings of Christ on the cross? Where are the teachings of the Rashi? Where is the Chumash?

This isn’t public education. This is dawah. And it is happening all over, but patriots are fighting back: in September 2013, an Ohio mom got an Islamic proselytizing video removed from her child’s seventh-grade history class. In November 2013, hundreds of parents protested against pro-Islam indoctrination contained in a public school textbook.

In New York, the NYPD is enforcing Sharia as well: police have orders not to ticket cars that are illegally parked outside of mosques. The NYPD lets Muslims break laws ordinary citizens would ordinarily face extensive punitive damages for, simply because they are Muslims. If someone is double parked because he is going to church, he would get a ticket right away.

Other Muslims in Brooklyn flex their muscles by holding prayers out on the street, making it impossible for anyone to pass.

Meanwhile, the media and law enforcement turn a blind eye to abuse when Muslim are its perpetrators. In October 2013, a student at a Muslim school in Ohio reported that “if they do not learn their religious passages as they are instructed,” they are at time “chained to a wall by their wrists and ankles and beaten with a long stick.” The imams of Sacramento’s two largest mosques in June 2013 declared that Muhammad had forbidden music. The media yawned.

The media kept yawning when those whom it had anointed as “moderates” were repeatedly exposed as “extremists.” In December 2012, a Bangladesh tribunal accused the New York imam and President of the “moderate” Islamic Circle of North America, Ashrafuzzaman Khan, of war crimes and mass murder. Not until ten months later did ICNA remove Khan’s name from its website — in the same way as Muslim groups and Islamic supremacists in America scrub their narrative of the jihadic doctrine and the brutal and bloody Sharia (although at that time Khan was still listed on the contact page for the North American Imams Federation Northeast regional office).

I’d like to know what took so long. Why did they stand behind this vicious, bloodthirsty savage all this time? Because he is a devout Muslim adhering to Islamic texts and teachings?

The most prominent “moderate” organization, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), despite its Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood ties and the convictions of several of its officials on jihad terror charges, continued to enjoy mainstream acceptance in 2013. Melvin Bledsoe, the father of Muslim jihad terrorist Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, actually pleaded with a Florida school board to stop CAIR from giving presentations in public schools.

But mostly CAIR advanced unopposed. No one was particularly concerned when it came to light that a CAIR-tied American imam, Khalid Yasin, inspired the devout Muslim who beheaded a British soldier on a public street in London, or when former CAIR-New York official Cyrus McGoldrick justified the beheading, claiming that “British and American soldiers commit worse atrocities against Muslims every day.” Nor did anyone seem to mind when CAIR told the family of a dead jihadist not to talk to the FBI.

In February 2013, the Maryland chapter of CAIR announced that its operatives had testified at a hearing of the Maryland General Assembly’s Health & Government Operations Committee in support a law that “would prohibit any state agency or employee from aiding in the detention of a person in accordance with what many say are unconstitutional provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).” How was it that a Muslim Brotherhood-linked group would be testifying on such a matter? It would be like Nazis testifying at hearings during World War II on the detention of Third Reich “detainees.”

And in August 2013, in another incident indicative of undeserved CAIR’s mainstream status, a pro-jihad CAIR official gave a presentation on “Understanding Sharia & Family Law Mediation” at a legal conference on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). In the environment in which all this is happening, it is no surprise that your First Amendment rights are being obliterated. John Jamason, a patriot in Florida, posted a message on Facebook on our national day of grief, September 11: “Never forget. There is no such thing as radical Islam. All Islam is radical. There may be Muslims who don’t practice their religion, much like others. The Quran is a book that preaches hate.”

For that, Hamas-tied CAIR called for his firing. Palm Beach County Administrator Bob Weisman said that Jamason would have been fired had he not been a merit system employee. Yet Jamason’s message was true. Twelve years after 9/11, Islamic blasphemy law was quickly becoming the law of the land. Jamason, however, stood his ground and said to reporters: “If I owe anybody an apology, it would be the county commissioners and county administration just for the fact that you’re all on my porch. No, I don’t think I owe anybody an apology, I didn’t say anything offensive.”

He didn’t do or say anything offensive. But when it comes to Islam, there is nothing too small or insignificant that cannot be deemed “offensive.” CAIR worked in numerous other ways also to bring the Sharia to the U.S. In one notable instance, it filed suit against DHL to impose Muslim prayer times on the workplace in Kentucky. It is not required for a Muslim to pray at a certain time if necessity makes it impossible to do so. Prayer is not absolutely required a strict schedule, and Muslim prayers are commonly “made up” after work or school. Suits like the one are merely devices in which to impose Islam on non-believers.

The Obama Administration helped out with that endeavor in 2013. For the first time, Muslim Brotherhood groups and Islamic supremacists have an administration working with them to impose Sharia, the authoritarian system of Islamic oppression, on the U.S. Obama’s Justice Department announced, in an out-of-the-way corner of Tennessee, its intention to criminalize free speech on social media posts that Muslims found offensive. AFDI/SIOA called for a protest of this attempt to impose Islam’s blasphemy laws on Americans – and in a town of 10,000 people, we had two thousand patriots showed up.

In keeping with Obama’s vow that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” the filmmaker of a video on Muhammad that the Administration falsely blamed for the Benghazi jihad attack of September 11, 2012 was imprisoned: Obama’s first political prisoner. In August 2013, he finally got “supervised release” from jail.

In May 2013, the Sharia administration strikes again. The EEOC sued Star Transport for rightfully terminating two Muslims who refused to do their job and transport alcohol. If these Muslim truck drivers didn’t want to deliver alcohol, then they shouldn’t have taken a job in which part of their duties would be to deliver alcohol. It’s that simple. The EEOC needs reminding that its name is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. “Equal” as in no special rights for any particular class.

In a similar case in November 2013, a Muslim was awarded $66,000 in back pay after he was fired for refusing to shave his beard in accordance with company rules. This ruling could put the company, American Patriot, out of business. That’s the whole point: Muslim Brotherhood groups demand that non-Muslims adhere to the Sharia, or they’ll destroy them. And they use American law to impose Islamic law. Islamic supremacists chip chip away at the establishment clause, and in doing so, impose Islam on the secular marketplace.

Muslim lawsuits against Hertz, Wal-Mart, Target, Disney, and a host of other American businesses for special rights and special accommodation have been largely successful, creating special rights for a special class of people — which is an accordance with Islam (in which Muslims are superior to the kuffar). But it goes against every American tenet of individual rights and separation of religion and state.

Muslim Brotherhood groups continued their influence on the Obama Administration in 2013, while the mainstream media heaped ridicule on Michele Bachmann and anyone else who dared to suggest that this influence might exist. Yet for the first time in history, America is supporting pro-Sharia, anti-freedom forces on a large scale – the same enemy that struck us on September 11, 2001. This has resulted in the loss of Egypt and Libya and perhaps eventually the whole of Africa to Islamic supremacist regimes.

With all this happening, it is no surprise that the culture has accepted the norming of Sharia restrictions. The Wall Street Journal reported in July 2013 that Joyce Carol Oates set off a firestorm on Twitter “with a pair of tweets about sexual violence in Egypt.” One asked: “Where 99.3% of women report having been sexually harassed & rape is epidemic-Egypt-natural to inquire: what’s the predominant religion?”

Even for a revered leftist icon like Joyce Carol Oates, the resulting uproar was swift and predictable. Umair Haque of the Harvard Business Review fumed: “Don’t miss @JoyceCarolOates coming out publicly as a serious bigot. Check out her tweets today, they’re awesomely gross!” Salon’s Prachi Gupta smeared Oates as “Islamophobic.” Feminists and Islamic supremacists alike lined up to condemn Oates as a racist-Islamophobic-anti-Muslim-bigot.

Welcome to my world, Joyce. Wait until she broaches subjects such as honor killings, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, child marriage, etc. Wait until she dares to subject that Islam has something to do with those, too, as it obviously does. Something tells me she enjoys the blacklist. The sharp, piercing shrieks against the truth speak volumes and expose the left for the monsters they are.

In November 2013, Conan O’Brien tweeted this innocuous joke about Marvel’s new Muslim superheroine: “She has so many more special powers than her husband’s other wives.”

Didn’t Conan know that you cannot joke about Islam and Sharia, or misogyny, gender apartheid, creed apartheid, misogyny, or polygamy under the Sharia? It’s blasphemy. Off with his head. Islamic supremacists and their leftist tools went after Conan immediately, calling him a racist, and he apologized. First off, Islam is not a race. Secondly, multiple wives are encouraged in Islam. 70% of American Muslims say that polygamy should be legalized in the US, with over 100,000 Muslims engaging in polygamy here in America.

And also worth noting is the fact that Muhammad’s favorite wife was six years old when he married her. This Muslima superhero is 16 — practically an old lady. Conan didn’t joke about that. And lastly, where is Marvel’s Christian superheroine, Jewish superheroine, Hindu superheroine, et al?

In October 2013, my law firm, the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC), on behalf of AFDI, struck a blow against this Sharia self-enforcement. We filed a motion asking the federal court in Seattle to order the King County transit authorities to run our anti-terrorism advertisement featuring photos of 16 of the world’s Most Wanted Terrorists. The link to the motion is here.

Yes, 12 years after 9/11, it has come to this: We have to file suit to fight against jihad terrorism. As Walid Shoebat put it, “posting the images of wanted terrorists is now the business of hatemongers and those who defend said terrorists are freedom’s champions.”

It all started last July, when the FBI ran a terrorism awareness campaign featuring bus ads depicting photos of 16 wanted terrorists, all of whom were Muslim. This was a publicity campaign sponsored by the Joint Terrorism Task Force for the State Department’s Rewards for Justice program, or RFJ. But then the leftists and Islamic supremacists complained that the ads were “Islamophobic,” and they came down – and unbelievably, Seattle is refusing to allow my group, the AFDI, to put them back up.

The Islamic supremacist enemies of free speech won a victory in Boston. My organization AFDI tried to place pro-Israel ads in Boston, countering anti-Israel ads that ran there. Our ad read, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad.”

The ad was rejected, and we sued. In late December 2013, U.S. District Court Judge Gorton ruled against us in our preliminary injunction against Boston’s Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA). No surprise here, during our hearing Judge Gorton said that he did not have the authority to rule on matters out of his jurisdiction. Still, Gorton dropped the ball on the question of “reasonableness.”

This is Boston, after all, site of the most recent jihad bombing in America, so Gorton’s ruling is sad and regrettable. We will, of course, appeal. But the willful ignorance of MBTA authorities is no surprise: after all, the mainstream media tried to blame the Boston Marathon bombing on Americans being unwelcoming to immigrants, while the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI dropped the ball: although Russia warned them several times about the jihadist activities of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, they never placed him under surveillance. And in September 11, 2013, a Boston school recited a Muslim prayer instead of the Pledge of Allegiance.

And when we ran ads telling the truth about jihad and Islamic anti-Semitism in San Francisco in March 2013, a host of city officials, including the District Attorney and several city lawmakers, held a news conference to denounce our ads. The slaughter of Christians in Nigeria, Egypt, Syria, et al — that didn’t warrant a statement, let alone a press conference, but my ads did. Think about that. Thousands dead, but it would be blasphemy to talk about that. Slaughter in the cause of jihad is okay; my talking about it is the problem.

When we followed up by running ads highlighting the persecution of gays in Muslim countries, the head of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, transgender Theresa Sparks, supported the Sharia and denounced our ad campaign. Our campaign used actual anti-gay quotes of Iran’s former President Ahmadinejad, global Muslim spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi, and a popular radio host in the UK, Sister Ruby Ramadan. Sparks went so far to say, “it’s actually easier to get insurance for sexual transition procedures in Iran than in America.” Hmmm, is that why the President of Iran insists there are no homosexuals in that country? It’s actually because male homosexuals are only allowed to live in Iran as women.

Where was Theresa Sparks when a Muslim gang was targeting gays in San Francisco in a series of attacks, shooting them in the face with a BB gun and video-taping the attacks? A Muslim gang targeted nearly a dozen victims one evening, recording the shootings on a video camera confiscated by police along with a “rifle-style” BB gun. There was a concerted effort within the San Francisco police department to bury this story, and it is only because one officer leaked the report to the media that anything was ever reported.

The Muslims chose their victims “because they appeared to be gay.  Where was Sparks then?

Sparks and her colleagues said nothing when Muslim cabbies have forced their customers to adhere to Sharia: in June 2013 in Chicago, a Muslim cabbie threw a gay couple out of the cab on the expressway, because they were kissing. In August 2013 in Oregon, a Muslim cabbie dumped a lesbian couple on the side of the road because they were gay. In Nebraska in November 2013, a Muslim attacked his sister with a crowbar for being gay.

Yet in the media, Muslims are only victims, and always victims. America is drowning in this relentless Muslim-victimhood propaganda in the media and movies. In December 2013, it came to light that HBO Films consulted with CAIR on a propaganda war film on “Islamophobia.”

While Christians are being persecuted and slaughtered across the Muslim world and the jihad against the Jewish state of Israel continues unabated, we are subjected to this preposterous lie of the “victimization” of the perps. (Goebbels did the same thing. The Nazis, too, were the victims.)

Terror-tied groups like CAIR were consulted on this propaganda film — the kind of war film that Hollywood giants like Frank Capra and John Ford made during World War II forour side. Sixty years later, Hollywood is making these movies for the enemy narrative. It’s just a small piece of how the left lost the West.

When is HBO going to make a movie about non-Muslims being persecuted and slaughtered under the Sharia in Muslim countries?

When is HBO going to make a movie about the Islamic supremacist war against secular governments in Africa and the Middle East?

When is HBO going to make a movie about Jews fleeing Europe as the Islamization of the continent makes it too dangerous and violent for Jews?

Where is HBO going to make a movie about how the people who spoke out against jihad and Sharia had their good names and livelihoods destroyed by Islamic supremacists and their leftwing libelists?

Now those are real horror movies.

This is the marketing of fiction as reality in concert with daily admonishments from Muslim groups, beating us about the head with “Islamophobia!” “Anti-Muslim backlash!” “Hate crime!” “Racist-islamophobic-anti-Muslim-bigotry!”

The grim reality, as opposed to this fiction, was that in addition to the advancing stealth jihad, the violent jihad continued in the U.S. in 2013. In December 2013, a California Muslim pleaded guilty to attempting to aid al Qaeda by providing weapons training to jihad savages. A week before that, a federal grand jury returned an indictment charging a Wichita Muslim with planning a bombing of Wichita’s Mid-Continent Airport. That same day, the FBI added a Massachusetts Muslim to its Most Wanted Terrorists List.

In November 2013 in San Diego, three Muslims, including a popular imam, were sentenced to prison for jihad terror activity. Another imam tried to play the victim card: a Des Moines imam argued that sex charges against him violated his religious freedom. A U.S.-based Muslim was charged in New York City with trying to acquire 100 surface-to-air missiles for the Iranian government. Two Muslims from Long Island were arrested in yet another jihad terror plot. In October 2013, Muslim terror mastermind Abu Anas al-Libi reminded the world of what motivates and inspires all this violence when he appeared in a Manhattan courtroom clutching a copy of the Qur’an.

In September 2013, New York-raised jihadist Sabirhan Hasanoff was sentenced to eighteen years in prison. Another American Muslim, Alwar Pouryan, got 25 years for conspiring to funnel missiles and rifles to the Taliban. And yet another U.S. Muslim, Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, got thirteen years in another Islamic terror training case.

A Virginia Muslim was charged with the possession of explosives. A sword-wielding Muslim attacked California deputies while screaming “Allahu akbar.” A Muslim in North Dakota was charged with threatening a synagogue. In August 2013, San Francisco went on high alert after an Islamic terror threat. In July 2013 in Denver, a self-proclaimed “Islamist jihadist” threatened that Mormons and Catholics “would be destroyed” within the next two weeks. In late April 2013, just days after the Boston Marathon jihad bombing, an online poster calling himself “Prophet Muhammad” threatened a Catholic high school in Virginia with a Boston-style jihad bombing.

A Florida teen, a convert to Islam, was indicted for conspiring to aid jihad terrorists. Another convert to Islam in Pennsylvania was charged with inciting violent jihad online. In Washington, a convert to Islam who had stated his “willingness to die for Islam” stabbed two people after discussion of religion. A Muslim in New York was arrested for making bomb threats against Kodak. A Chicago Muslim who tried to blow up Wrigley Field got 23 years in prison. In Minnesota, Muslim mobs randomly attacked joggers. In Idaho, a Muslim was arrested for providing bomb-making knowledge to a jihad group, and for possession of a grenade, aluminum powder, potassium nitrate, sulfur, and a fuse. Seven Muslim chemical engineers were caught trespassing after midnight at Boston’s largest water reservoir. In January 2013, a Muslim from Chicago got thirty-five years for his role in the Mumbai jihad massacre.

In May 2013, a Muslim in North Carolina pled guilty to buying gun for “terrorist jihad,” to kill soldiers at Fort Bragg. Another North Carolina Muslim got four life terms for a jihad plot to behead witnesses whose testimony helped convict him for an earlier jihad plot to slaughter U.S. servicemen and their families. In April 2013, an Alabama Muslim pled guilty to plotting to wage jihad. On Easter Sunday in Ashtabula, Ohio, a Muslim screaming “this is the will of Allah” murdered his father at a church.

In Oregon, a Muslim was charged with assisting a jihadist homicide bomber who killed 30 people. In February 2013 in Las Vegas, a Muslim went on a sparsely reported shooting spree. That same month, a Muslim in New Jersey beheaded and cut off the hands of two Coptic Christians; another Muslim pled guilty in New York City to plotting to blow up the Federal Reserve; and a jihadist in California tried to blow up the Oakland Bank of America and blame it on right-wingers.

In just one week, ending March 30, 2013, there was all this jihad activity in the U.S.:

  1. A former U.S. soldier was charged with conspiring to use a destructive device while fighting with an al-Qaeda group in Syria

  2. A Muslim named Ahmed Warsame pleaded guilty to aiding al-Shabaab and al-Qaeda

  3. Another Muslim, Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, was sentenced to prison for his role in a jihad plot to attack a Seattle military processing center

  4. Yet another Muslim, Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, was found guilty of making false statements in a jihad terror case

  5. Al-Shabaab member Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed got nine years in prison for jihad activities

  6. A federal grand jury began probing a double murder in Pakistan that turned out to be an honor killing ordered by a Muslim cabbie in New York City.

Just days before that week started, on March 20, another Muslim in New York was charged with plotting to commit acts of jihad terror against Americans. Also in New York in March 2013, a Muslim got ten years for plotting to blow up synagogues and slaughter Jews.

The outgoing FBI director, Robert Mueller, warned Americans that jihadists here in America were today’s most serious security concern. You might assume that the vast majority of Muslims in America rejected all that, but recently a jihad-supporting imam raised millions on a U.S. fundraising tour.

American jihadists were increasingly brazen and open about their sentiments and activities. Memphis imam Yasir Qadhi was filmed spewing vicious Jew-hatred, and saying that Jews and Christians were “filthy,” and that the Muslims could take their lives and property in jihad. A Muslim who pled guilty in August 2013 to jihad terror charges said: “The goal of Islam is to take over the world, and the means of achieving that goal was the sword of jihad.”

Just as brazen was convicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror chief Sami Al-Arian, who in December 2013 resurfaced to support a new American Muslim Brotherhood campaign. In Dearborn, Michigan, a Lebanese man out American and Israeli flags in his front yard; local Muslims inundated him with threats and abuse to the extent that he said he felt “safer in Lebanon.” The mother of a jihad terrorist in New Jersey had the audacity to express outrage that her son was sentenced on the day of the Boston Marathon jihad bombing. A Muslim in Dearborn called for the killing of anti-Islam protesters.

In New York, pro-Muslim Brotherhood Egyptians picketed the Thanksgiving Day Parade. During the American Muslim Day Parade in New York City on September 22, 2013, Muslims marched down Madison Avenue waving the black flags of jihad and chanting: “We are Muslims, mighty, mighty Muslims.” It was revealed that the American Muslim who plotted to murder thousands of people at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon made a jihad martyr tape to boast about the murders he hoped to commit.

In 2013 the U.S. continued to import jihad: it was revealed that al Qaeda “refugees” are coming to America and going on welfare, while making videos of themselves handling heavy weapons. An FBI informant said that “Taliban members are living in America.” He added: “They can commit a jihad at any time, they hate America, you have an enemy living here on American soil…they will take action to kill innocent Americans.”

America also continued to export jihad: an American Muslim was killed in Syria, leaving behind a video in which he said: “We’ve come to kill anyone in our way.” A Muslim from Chicago was arrested for planned to join the Syrian jihad. It came to light that despite numerous law enforcement attempts to stop jihad recruitment in Minnesota, young Muslims there were still signing up for the jihadist group Al Shabab that carried out the deadly Kenya mall jihad attack. And three Muslims in New York City were charged with fighting for al-Shabab. A Florida imam, Hafiz Khan, was found guilty of funneling money to the Taliban.

Yet despite all this evidence (and there is so much more) of jihad activity in this country and the Islamization of America – and also in keeping with that Islamization – the U.S. Trademark Office denied our attempt to trademark the name “Stop Islamization of America” on the grounds that it was “demeaning” to Muslims. Apparently the millions of Muslims who successfully fought against the Islamization of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood were demeaning themselves. We are appealing this ruling.

And some people are fighting back. Although Missouri’s Democratic Governor Nixon vetoed an anti-Sharia bill, the North Carolina Senate passed one, as did the full Oklahoma State Senate, and the Alabama State Senate. Meanwhile, AFDI has proposed an 18-point platform to stop the Islamization of America. Send it to your Congressmen and Senators.

Pamela Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of and author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. Follow her on Twitter here.


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