UNESCO Cancels Expo Detailing Jews' Connection to Israel

UNESCO Cancels Expo Detailing Jews' Connection to Israel

Citing the “peace process,” UNESCO, a subdivision of the United Nations, gave into pressure from Arab member states of the UN, cancelling an exhibition documenting the Jews’ historical roots to the Land of Israel.

The UNESCO exhibition was scheduled to open in Paris on January 20. The display was set to document the Jews’ 3,500+ years connection to the Land of Israel, chronicling the timeline from the days of Abraham to the 21st century. 

UNESCO cancelled the event, while not disputing the factual basis whatsoever behind the exhibit itself, for fear it may hurt the “peace process.” The event, which had been planned for over two years, was cancelled three days before it was set to open. The successful campaign mounted to cancel the expo can largely be accredited to a last minute protest by the Arab group at UNESCO. 

The group’s President, Abdullah Elmealmi, wrote:

The Arab group is deeply disturbed by the exhibition, which it condemns… This cause is championed by those who oppose peace efforts. The media campaign accompanying the exhibition will inevitably damage the peace talks, the incessant efforts of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and UNESCO’s neutrality.

The event’s “indefinite delay” comes just one day after the UN formally declared 2014 as the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. The UN’s heavy-handed partisan approach supporting Palestinian causes is seen through its multiple platforms in support of their goals, which includes providing UN sponsored organizations to help assist Palestinian leaders’ objectives. UNESCO was the first UN body to deem Palestine a state, doing so in 2011.

According to their website, The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), founded in 1945, “was created in order to respond to the firm belief of nations, forged by two world wars in less than a generation, that political and economic agreements are not enough to build a lasting peace. Peace must be established on the basis of humanity’s moral and intellectual solidarity”.

The UN has maintained its heavy biases against the State of Israel for many years. Some argue that it has become the sole focus of the entire United Nations system: to engage in a delegitimization campaign against the Jewish state. Israel’s envoy to UNESCO, Nimrod Barkan, once stated that UNESCO has an “obsession” with Israel. In October, UNESCO left a single meeting in Paris declaring it had passed six separate resolutions condemning tiny Israel, but none regarding the rest of the world in its entirety.

According to UN Watch, an incredible 100 percent of UNESCO’s condemnatory resolutions have been in opposition to Israel.


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