15 Killed in Military Assault in Western Iraq

15 Killed in Military Assault in Western Iraq

Baghdad, February 01 (QNA) – Iraqi Defense Ministry announced today the death of 15 terrorists of Daash and the destruction of three vehicles used by them in Fallujah.

According to a statement by the ministry today, ” Army Aviation in cooperation with artillery managed to kill 15 terrorists members of Daash and destroyed three vehicles in Alsinaii neighborhood Fallujah, National Iraqi News agency reported.

Meanwhile, the UN Mission in Iraq announced that number of victims by violence on last January amounted 733 dead and 1229 injured in all provinces except Anbar.

A statement by the UN mission in Iraq (UNAMI) quoted the UN envoy to Iraq , Nikolai Miladinov as saying today, ” The UN mission seeks to ensure access for humanitarian aids to Anbar province .” (QNA)


QNA 1432 GMT 2014/02/01