Kerry to Begin Climate Push in Asia

Kerry to Begin Climate Push in Asia

Secretary of State John Kerry, traveling through Asia to promote the Obama Administration’s push for an agenda to highlight climate change, will begin his selling in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Sunday. A State Department official acknowledged that this speech is only the first of many on the subject Kerry is expected to deliver in 2014. The official intoned that Kerry will speak of the “compelling and undeniable scientific case” of the climate change challenge that is “pushing the planet towards (sic) a tipping point of no return… Kerry will call on the global community, not just countries, but individual citizens around the world, to do more now because addressing the threat of climate change will require a global solution.”

A State Department spokesman also said, “Secretary Kerry will deliver remarks on the compelling and undeniable scientific case of this growing challenge, that is pushing the planet towards a tipping point of no return.”

Kerry is expected to somehow link the threat of climate change to a threat to the world economy. On Saturday, China and the U.S. issued a joint statement in which they promised to reduce their carbon dioxide output further.

Barack Obama already has a proposal to create a climate change “resiliency fund” to aid areas suffering from global warming. The BBC’s Washington correspondent Kim Ghattas reported that Kerry wants to help bring about a global climate treaty in 2015 from talks in Paris that would drastically reduce fossil fuel pollution. There are countries favoring a new international climate agreement to succeed the Kyoto Protocol because it ends in 2020. The U.S. has never ratified the Kyoto agreement.


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