Ukraine Protesters Capture Government Buildings, 67 Policemen in Kiev

Ukraine Protesters Capture Government Buildings, 67 Policemen in Kiev

Ukraine protesters seized a Kiev post office and captured over 67 policemen. The violence is getting worse on both sides as the opposition to Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovich grows more frustrated.

On Wednesday, Yanukovich announced via his website that he and the opposition agreed to a truce to stop the protests. People converged in Independence Square late November after Yanukovich turned down a European Union (EU) trade deal in favor of a $15 billion dollar bailout. Protesters believe the truce was a ruse and still want Yanukovich to resign.

When night fell, protesters in Kiev moved their way to the central post office in Independence Square. The building they occupied was burnt down on Tuesday, which was the first day of mass violence. Over 25 people were killed and hundreds injured. Hospitals were overrun and churches were quickly turned into onsite hospitals.

At the same time, other protesters attacked the police line with firebombs and snipers shot back, killing 33 people. According to the Associated Press, Ukrainian television showed protesters leading away policemen with their hands in the air. Ukraine’s Interior minister said 67 policemen were taken.

Russia Today is providing live updates in Kiev and early Thursday morning they reported a group took over a police department in the southwestern outskirts of Kiev.

The violence caused the US State Department to issue a travel alert to Ukraine and they placed visa bans on 20 Ukrainian officials.


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