Ukrainian President Reportedly Flees Kiev for Kharkiv

Ukrainian President Reportedly Flees Kiev for Kharkiv

Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych has reportedly fled Kiev for Kharkiv amid “[the loss] of most of his power base following the bloodiest day in a 72-hour period in Ukraine.”

According to, he announced “early elections” prior to fleeing, although he did not “[specify] when they might be held.”

Tweets coming out of Ukraine on February 21 described the protests that led up to to Yanukovych’s departure as “the biggest demo in modern history.”

While in Kharkiv, Yanukovych is expected to “take part in a Congress of the ‘Ukranian Front.'” The Congress is expected to reflect the chaos in the Ukraine, which will contribute to the idea that “it is politically necessary for the southeast to become a separate entity.”

There are “17 buses carrying activists from Right Sector toward Kharkiv,” and Yanukovych is expected to “make [a] statement about [a] split of Ukraine.”

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