Netanyahu Blasts World's Hypocrisy on Iranian Weapons

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacked what he described as global hypocrisy on Iran, noting that the world’s leaders had largely failed to condemn a large Iranian shipment of weapons to Palestinian terrorist groups that Israeli naval commandos intercepted last week. 

Instead, he said, while Iran prepared to kill civilians, diplomats were shaking hands with the regime in Tehran and talking about a thaw in relations.

Netanyahu also contrasted the way the world reacted to perceived minor infractions by Israel on the one hand, and the relative silence that greeted Iranian warmongering on the other. 

Israel is condemned every time it dares to build “a balcony in Jerusalem,” Netanyahu said, according to the Jerusalem Post, but Iran broadly escapes censure when it ships deadly surface-to-surface missiles from Syria to terrorists set on using them for murder.

The Israeli leader delivered his remarks from the port city of Eilat, where the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) had towed the Klos C, the Panama-flagged ship that had carried the deadly Iranian cargo in its hold amongst cement and other commercial items. He warned that while today Iran smuggles conventional weapons to terrorists with relative impunity, tomorrow it may smuggle nuclear material from its reactors to the same extremist groups.

Photo: Amir Cohen/Reuters