Ukraine official: 2 dead, several hurt in shootout

MOSCOW (AP) — Ukraine’s acting interior minister says two people have been killed and several wounded in a shootout in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

Arsen Avakov wrote on his official Facebook page early Saturday that around 30 people “from both sides” were arrested during a shootout late on Friday.

Russian state news agency Itar Tass reported that shots were fired from the offices of the far-right Ukrainian nationalist group, Right Sector, but Avakov made no mention of the group and said the incident was under investigation.

Russian media frequently point to Right Sector as exemplifying a fascist threat to Russians in eastern Ukraine.

Violence has escalated in Ukraine’s Russia-leaning east in recent days, as pro-Russia demonstrators have seized government buildings and clashed with supporters of the new Kiev government. At least one person died and 17 were wounded in clashes in the city of Donetsk on Thursday.