Vietnam War Hero Laid to Rest 45 Years Later

Vietnam War Hero Laid to Rest 45 Years Later

The remains of Staff Sgt. Lawrence Woods were discovered in Vietnam 45 years after his death and laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery on March 21st.

Woods died in the early stages of the Vietnam War while volunteering “in a mission to resupply the 5th Special Forces Group base near the Vietnam/Cambodia border.”

Woods was a native of Clarksville, Tennessee and was subsequently honored there as well. 

According to The Leaf Chronicle, “Woods’ grandsons and their families” attended the Clarksville memorial. His grandsons had never known him and said it was “amazing” to hear the stories about their grandfather. 

They learned that with World War II approaching in 1940, Woods had joined the Army at age 15. When the Army learned his age, they discharged him. Three years later at age 18, he returned and signed on for good. 

As they listened to stories, grandson Bobby Woods said, “I never knew my grandfather served in three wars.”

The 5th Special Forces Group sent representatives to the service at Arlington and the service in Clarksville. 

Woods’ granddaughter-in-law spoke these words at the Clarksville memorial:

Everyday you see flags that have the initials “POW/MIA” written on them. You hear about the soldiers who were lost, captured, and who have died fighting for this country. You see a generation of people wearing hats that say, ‘Veteran,’ and yet many do not know the symbolism behind these things. 

I would like to say “thank you” today to those who have never forgotten, who remember the soldiers and what they do every day. I would like to think the people who taught us what those initials mean–Prisoner of War and Missing in Action. We will never forget what you have done for all of us, and we appreciate it. 

Breitbat News is likewise humbled by the sacrifice of Staff Sgt. Lawrence Woods. We will never forget. 

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