Fort Hood Heroes Risked Lives for Others

Fort Hood Heroes Risked Lives for Others

As details emerge about the events of the heinous Fort Hood shooting on April 2, 2014, some of the heroic actions of the victims of that day have come to light as they risked their own lives to defend others.

According to the Army Times, Sergeant 1st Class Danny Ferguson “had just returned from Afghanistan” when Army Spc. Ivan Lopez went on a shooting rampage. “Ferguson died while trying to hold a door shut” to keep the gunman from reaching more defenseless military personnel.

Sgt. Timothy Owens also lost his life in the attack. Owens, a father, had grown up wanting to be in the Army. His cousin described him as “one of those kids who wanted to wear camouflage and wanted to wear bomber jackets and sunglasses.” 

Owens was doing what he believed he was meant to do when his life was taken.

Sgt. Jonathan Westbrook, who survived, took rounds in the neck and chest. He was scheduled to be deployed to Afghanistan for six months on May 20th, but his wife says that she assumes his deployment is now on hold. 

In addition to three people whose lives were cut short, sixteen were injured. Matthew Davis, “trauma director at Scott and White Memorial Hospital, expressed optimism that [none of the sixteen] would die from their injuries.”

Breitbart News salutes those who fought so bravely for their own lives and the lives of their brothers and sisters in arms at Fort Hood on April 2nd, as well as those who valiantly fight to defend our country.

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