Sweden Testing Six Hour Work Day With Full Pay

Sweden Testing Six Hour Work Day With Full Pay

Gothenburg, Sweden is cutting work hours for municipal employees to six hours a day, while continuing to pay them full salary.

According to The Independent, the reduction in hours is part of an experiment where one department will be cut back to 30 hours a week while another remains at 40–both making the same money. 

Gothenburg deputy mayor Mats Pilhem said: “We think it’s time to give this a real shot in Sweden.”

Within the department receiving reduced hours are employees who handle “elderly care.” Pilhem said he hopes the reduced hours will “get the staff members [to take] fewer sick days and [feel] better mentally and physically after they’ve worked shorter days.”

The Moderate Party describes the six-hour workday push as a “dishonest and populist ploy” launched to coincide with 2014 local elections.

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