EU Agrees to Send More Money to Ukraine as Putin Claims East Ukraine is Asking Him for Help

EU Agrees to Send More Money to Ukraine as Putin Claims East Ukraine is Asking Him for Help

Ukraine is going to receive a total of $3.23 billion after the European Union’s Foreign Affairs Council approved a loan of $1.38 billion and $848 billion financial aid.

“[We] welcome the adoption of the EU Commission proposal on autonomous trade measures for Ukraine [and] additional macrofinancial assistance of 1 billion euro,” EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule said on April 14 on Twitter.

The US agreed to send $1 billion in aid to Ukraine. The International Monetary Fund will provide between $14-$18 billion between 2014-2015 and $7 billion in 2014. In total, though, the IMF will more than likely send Ukraine $27 billion.

This news might bring some relief to the cash strapped country as east Ukraine crumbles in front of Kyiv. Over 10 government buildings were seized in Donetsk Oblast over the weekend and on Monday morning, more pro-Russian forces captured Horlivka’s police station.

A few people said the separatists kidnapped and killed Horlivka’s police chief, but according to The Kyiv Post’s Ukraine live blog there are other reports saying it is false.

4:50 p.m. — News website URA-Inform is reporting that the Horlivka police chief Andrei Kryshchenko has died as a result of injuries suffered at the hands of pro-Russian separatists who stormed the police station this afternoon.

The URA-Inform report alleges that the chief died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital.

InfoResist, meanwhile has refuted URA-Inform’s reports. InfoResist called the hospital where Kryshchenko was admitted, which reported that “he is alive, he is healthy, everything is okay.” — Isaac Webb

Russian President Vladimir Putin said people in the east are asking him for help. The new “mayor” in Sloviansk released a video to Putin and raised the Russian flag.


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