Imams and Dhimmi Clergy Condemn Mention of 'Jihad' and 'Islamist' at 9/11 Museum Exhibit

Imams and Dhimmi Clergy Condemn Mention of 'Jihad' and 'Islamist' at 9/11 Museum Exhibit

An “interfaith panel” of dhimmis and apologists for Islam has raised objections to the portrayal of jihad and Islam in a seven-minute film that is slated to be viewable at the 9/11 Memorial Museum. They were pleased that the Museum will also feature photos of Muslims mourning 9/11, but wanted nothing at the Museum that would speak to the motive behind the biggest and bloodiest attack on the homeland in US history.

Close to 3,000 of our friends, family, and first responders being slaughtered wasn’t terrible enough. We have to be polite to the slaughterers?

If the Museum went to the trouble of showing Muslims who mourned 9/11, did the museum also devote space to the Muslims who danced on 9/11 in Queens, New Jersey, Europe and the Middle East? If not, why not?

A Manhattan imam, Sheikh Mostafa Elazabawy, told the New York Times:

The screening of this film in its present state would greatly offend our local Muslim believers as well as any foreign Muslim visitor to the museum. Unsophisticated visitors who do not understand the difference between Al Qaeda and Muslims may come away with a prejudiced view of Islam, leading to antagonism and even confrontation toward Muslim believers near the site.

So apparently he is claiming that we cannot tell the truth about what happened on 9/11, because racist, bigoted Islamophobes will then attack innocent Muslims. There is absolutely no basis in reality for this claim, as anti-Semitic hate attacks are eight times more common than anti-Muslim attacks as it is, but Islamic supremacists cry victimhood whenever and wherever they can, in order to deflect attention away from the ugly truth of jihad violence.

Akbar Ahmed of American University said: 

When you associate their religion with what they did, then you are automatically including, by association, one and a half billion people who had nothing to do with these actions and who ultimately the U.S. would not want to unnecessarily alienate.

Yet we don’t associate their religion with what they did; the jihadists associate their religion with what they did. How insane is this conversation? The last letters left by the 19 Muslim terrorists said that the attack was in the cause of Islam, and cited Allah 90 times. One of them wrote: “Remind your brothers that this act is for Almighty Allah.” Is that in the film?

They want jihad and islamist (a ridiculous word) scrubbed from the film. This recalls an initiative of the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). It was CAIR that demanded that the Associated Press stop using the word Islamist. It is Muslim Brotherhood groups that, in the ultimate deception, demand that jihad be removed from the descriptions of jihad attacks. 

The Times said: 

At issue is whether it is appropriate or inflammatory for the museum to use religious terminology like ‘Islamist’ and “jihad” in conjunction with the Sept. 11 attacks, without also making clear that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful.

The Times didn’t mention, of course, that whenever the Qur’an talks about jihad, it clearly means it as warfare. So do dozens of hadiths that Muslim scholars consider authentic. The only basis for the idea of jihad as a peaceful spiritual struggle comes from one hadith in which Muhammad spoke about the spiritual struggle as the “greater jihad”–but that hadith doesn’t even appear in the hadith collections that Muslims consider to be most reliable.

Interfaith panels like the one responsible for this nonsense, as well as interfaith dialogue, go only one way: to submission and appeasement. The imam on the panel resigned in protest. If only imams would resign in protest of the jihadi doctrines that call for holy war and the wholesale slaughter of non-Muslims and secular Muslims. And the non-Muslim “clerics” on the panel who are agitating for Islam stand silent in the face of the genocide of their own people, the Christians who are being slaughtered under Muslim rule in Islamic countries. These “reverends” would be defrocked in a just and rational world.

Instead, these people sit on 9/11 Museum panels and attempt to enforce sharia restrictions on the 9/11 story. I have gone up many times against one of them, the Rev. Chloe Breyer of the Interfaith Center of New York, during the Ground Zero mosque battle. She fought hard for that victory mosque, and the Islamic supremacists behind that mosquestrosity loved using her.

I have raised strong objections to some of the 9/11 Museum management’s plans–like their intention to place the human remains of over 1,600 victims in the Museum behind a wall, but in this case, they deserve to be applauded. They have refused to back down and edit the parts of this short film that tell the truth–at least so far. They owe it to the victims, and to the American people, to stand firm.

Pamela Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of and author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. Follow her on Twitter here.


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