Obama and the 'Politburo Attitude' to 'Define the Truth'

Obama and the 'Politburo Attitude' to 'Define the Truth'

With parents who fought communism in Hungary, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a military theory professor at Marine Corps University, sees through the elite media filter impairing America’s strategic understanding of the world’s increasing instability.

In these exclusive video interviews, Dr. Gorka discusses the threats America faces while exposing the inability of the Obama Administration to keep our country safe with a diminishing global stature.

Challenging millennials and isolationists, Sebastian Gorka says, “If you think Ukraine does not matter, than you don’t understand 1776.” Ukraine merely wants self-determination as America did.  He says, “America is about the values the founding fathers created America on.”

The Obama Administration’s statecraft is centered on ad hoc reactions that are based on the progressive ideology of Saul Alinsky, that, according to Gorka, make the Obama team “almost incapable of understanding the threats we face today.”

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