World View: The 'Odessa Massacre' May Portend Ukraine Civil War

World View: The 'Odessa Massacre' May Portend Ukraine Civil War

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  • The ‘Odessa Massacre’ may portend Ukraine civil war
  • Kiev: The fire was started by pro-Russians

The ‘Odessa Massacre’ may portend Ukraine civil war

Girls making Molotov cocktails in Odessa on Friday (Twitter)
Girls making Molotov cocktails in Odessa on Friday (Twitter)

There have been protests and blockades and building takeovers inSlovyansk and other cities in eastern Ukraine, but there was realviolence on Friday in Odessa, a port city on the Black Sea insouthwestern Ukraine. More than 42 people were killed and dozens wereinjured in clashes and their aftermath, when pro-Russian activitiesoccupied a building which subsequently caught on fire. Already somepeople are referring to this as the “Odessa Massacre.”

Both the war in Syria and the growing unrest in Ukraine are beingfueled by Russia’s president Vladimir Putin, but it’s well to rememberthat there’s a significant generational difference between Ukraine andSyria. Syria is in a generational Awakening era, with plenty ofsurvivors remaining from the extremely bloody civil that climaxed inthe 1982 slaughter of tens of thousands of Syrians in Homa.

What has been driving Syria’s civil war has been the actions of thegenocidal monster president Bashar al-Assad, being fed unlimitedamounts of heavy weapons by Putin for use in his genocide. Syria’scivil war would have ended before now if (a) Al-Assad had been forcedto step down a couple of years ago; or (b) if Putin hadn’t beenproviding unlimited supplies of heavy weapons; or (c) President Obamahad carried out his “red line” threat last year of using cruisemissiles to destroy al-Assad’s air force. The traumatized survivorsof the 1980s civil war have no desire to see another civil war.

But Ukraine, Russia, Europe and America are all in generational Crisiseras, will little memory of the horrors previous crisis wars such asWorld War II. Typically people are familiar with their country’sheroes and the enemy’s injustices, and have no fear of theconsequences. What appears to be happening in Ukraine is that eventsare beginning to spiral out of control in a generational Crisis era.I’m not talking about a Russian invasion here, though that remains apossibility. I’m talking about a civil war between the ethnicUkrainians and the ethnic Russians. Dozens of pro-Russian activistswere killed in a burning building in Odessa on Friday. Ukraine’sgovernment says it’s at war. What are the pro-Russians, with Putin’shelp, going to do to get even with the pro-Ukrainians? VOA

Kiev: The fire was started by pro-Russians

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry is saying that police investigation showsthat pro-Russian separatists in Odessa were responsible for settingthe fire. According to an Interior Ministry statement, separatistsbroke into the trade union building and barricaded themselvesinside. They then started throwing Molotov cocktails from the roof,and some of the incendiary devices hit the building causing a firethat eventually killed more than 40 people, The Interior Ministry alsosays that many of the Russian separatists in Odessa are from thebreakaway region Transnistria of Moldova.

Whether or not any of this is true, or whether it will be believed, isnot known. But it’s a sign of the increasing complexity of thesituation in Ukraine. And given the generational crisis era mood inUkraine, it shows how easy it would be for something to spiral out ofcontrol into a wider war. Kyiv Post

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